For though we walk in the flesh,
we do not war according to the flesh.
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal
but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds…
2 Corinthians 10:3-4 NKJV
Father God,
please ignite a flame of passion for You, Your Word, and Your Will within the hearts and minds of all humanity as we seek a dynamic explosion of expansion to Your Kingdom. May it produce a blaze of enthusiasm so fierce that it perfectly overwhelms the powers of Hell that rage against people throughout the earth. May vast multitudes multiplied by vast multitudes turn their hearts to You and lift their torches high - faithfully igniting flames within the hearts of all others who enter their personal and prayer realms of influence – and enlarge these territories that we may be more effective in the working out of Your Will here on Earth as it is in Heaven.
We praise You for moments of destiny obediently, boldly, and wholly embraced. For Your Honor and Glory we bow down…
Father God,
please strengthen our hands and our hearts that we may willingly carry Your ever-faithful and eternal Love into the world You created for Your magnificent Glory. May we be diligent in spending ourselves for those whose understanding is darkened because of their lack of knowledge and hardened hearts. May Your glorious Light illuminate the Truth before them, giving them eyes to see. May Your glorious Love melt hearts of vast multitudes that are hard and cold because of hostile assaults from the enemy of all souls and delivered by the hands and tongues of humanity. May these become tender and pliant before You. May the Light that we bear in Your awesome and wonderful Name minister to their most desperate need, that they may fervently desire the abundant Life and Liberty available only in You.
Awesome Lord,
because our lives are as perfume being presented by Christ to God, we long to smell like You, and to faithfully bear Your Fragrance into all places - wherever You choose to send us. May we dynamically overpower the stench of the enemy causing others to desperately desire to see Your Glory, taste Your Goodness, feel Your Love and Presence, recognize The Sound of Your Voice, and touch the Hem of Your Garment that they might find Healing for their hurting hearts and lives.
In Your holy and wonderful Name we praise You, O magnificent God, Who always leads us in Victory through Christ Jesus…
(Inspired by 2 Corinthians 2:14-16)

               And war broke out in heaven:       
                      Michael and his angels fought with the dragon;
                                and the dragon and his angels fought, but
                                                          but they did not prevail,
                           nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.
               So the great dragon was cast out,
                            that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan,
                                               who deceives the whole world;
                              he was cast to the earth,
                                   and his angels were cast out with him.
Revelation 12:7-9 NKJV 
Their king is the angel from the bottomless pit;
his name in Hebrew is Abaddon,
and in Greek Apollyon – the Destroyer…
Revelation   9:11   NLT​

grant courage to Your servants.
May we all grasp that there are things worth fighting for –
and even worth dying for!
May we be strong in You and in the power of Your might,
day and night, even in our sleep,
wearing every piece of the Armor of God,
and standing firm against the evil one.
May we stand boldly, fighting for the freedom of souls
throughout every nation
as Your Plan unfolds
throughout the earth.

please help me to deal with anger that rises up within me - a natural part of my human experience - to spend it in a manner that will cast down vast and hideous strongholds of darkness and bring glory to Your holy Name.
When it is birthed for righteous causes, grant me Wisdom to advance a difference first in my own life, then in the issues or circumstances that surround me.
When this emotion is selfish or otherwise inappropriate, please quench its terrible flames that I, and others, might not suffer from its ravages.
Please guide my thoughts and tongue to think and speak in love at all times that You may be pleased by the attitudes that drive my actions.

Awesome, omnipotent, and holy God,
You are the only One true God, and we exalt You. You Alone are worthy to receive any praise, honor, or glory for it is by Your Power and Will that all things exist.
You authored the universe and garnished it according to Your pleasure and purpose. You created the beasts of the field, birds of the air, every green and living thing that was and is and is to come. You orchestrated the forceful pulse and power of the ocean, the current of the winds while dictating their strength… And with Your Breath You move the clouds throughout Your courses, ordering Your waters to fall in accordance with Your Will. They respond in perfect subjection to Your Authority.
You created all of humanity in Your image. You crafted the human heart. You established its boundaries, yet would not relinquish its exercise of independent will.
You called us into Your fellowship because of the magnitude of Your Love.
Yet pride swelled within the heavenly places, seeking to exalt himself  causing dissension among the heavenly hosts. From then until now, he moves about in boldness, relentlessly seeking to take from You that which is Your own. Vindictive vile is spilled out through spiritual forces, taking captive those You long to be free. he manifests himself as a liar, accuser, boastful,  consumed with pride,  saturated with hatred – without any concern for even those who, whether blatantly or blindly, willingly serve him.
But You, O LORD, are sovereign over satan. he also stands before you as a created being. his boundaries are firm and his fate has been established in the heavenlies by the Word and Hand of God.
We praise You for Jesus Who came to set the captives free and Who, through prayer, extends the keys of Your Kingdom to us that we may engage in the advancement of Your Kingdom Cause on Earth.
We recognize the sacrifice You suffered as Jesus left the splendors of Heaven to be born with all human vulnerability and temptation into a world consumed by sin. He offered Himself willingly to be our Hope, our Redemption. Born in a barn, laid in a manger, He did not live a life of personal comfort. He sacrificed His desires to meet our greatest personal need. Fasting… Temptation… Cast out of temples and towns… His Love advanced to a Garden. In sorrow and loneliness, His Blood poured out in prayer before the scourging began, before the first nail was driven into His Hands… In lowly, lonely, submission He walked… Sweat stinging, Flesh ripped open, Muscle exposed, Bruised, Bloody, spat upon, unclean, Weak, Feverish… Yet, all pain paled in comparison to the aching of His broken Heart. Precious innocent Blood spilled out, offered and accepted as Atonement for all sin.
Yet the enemy continued in his lack of regard for such Love. In his defeat, then, and now, he continues to curse and kick at Your creation – young and old, husbands and wives, infants, children, fathers, mothers, nations, and even when they are on their faces with broken, bruised, and bloody hearts, tormented souls and bodies, his destructive forceful hatred continues to spill forth inflicting wound upon wound upon wound upon wound upon wound…
his demonic deception accomplishes the deed, steps back, and blames the innocent, leaving all suffering from his brutish blasphemy.
May we, Your people, not be deceived. You have called us to be strong in You and in Your mighty Power. Clothed in Your armor, may we never lay it down, standing always – for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the prince and principalities of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. May we bear this truth to the world, recognizing the real enemy, for when we fall prey to his temptations and accusations, we cannot bear the Light for those who are yet blind to his deceptions.
Now, as our nation stands with all nations, walking the path to their destruction, arousing Your Anger, rejecting Your Statutes and Ordinances, pleading for Your Judgment, the saints cry out, “How long, sovereign Lord, holy and true, until You judge the inhabitants of the Earth and avenge our blood?” Therefore, until the number of fellow saints and brothers who are to be killed is complete, as long as we remain, we will sing Your praise, advance the message of Your Kingdom, and seek that Your sovereign Will be accomplished here on Earth (through us and in us) as it is in Heaven. We offer our personal desires in sacrifice - whatever the cost - that through us Your Light may continue to pierce all darkness, until the time of Your great Wrath.
We offer our bodies in sacrifice - whatever the cost - fully repentant, consecrated, seeking that Your Spirit fill these temples, manifesting Your glory in and through us.
We offer You our lives in sacrifice - whatever the cost - as pliant clay to be shaped into vessels for use in the holiest of holies within these temples - our bodies - a sanctuary breathing for Your honor and praise.
We offer You our prayers from the altar of our hearts to the censers of our lips – a sweet fragrance of reverence, thanksgiving, and intercession.
We offer You our hands, yielded for service to Your saints and a world that is lost and dying.
We offer You our feet, crying out: Lord, show us Your path, for we cannot see what confronts us in the moments yet unlived. Lead us step by step that Your perfect desire be executed. May our feet move willingly along the path You establish that we might lead the lost sheep into Your pastures – where they belong.
We boldly enter into Your service as we lift our eyes to You then out into Your fields, with compassion to labor in the Harvest. We rise and cry out for the lost, weary and deceived. We stand in righteous anger at the enemy of all souls, wearing our armor of defense – praying in the spirit on all occasions. We rise and stand against all flaming missiles launched from within the camp of darkness.
We call forth Your Light to shine, exposing false prophets, false teachers, destructive heresies and deceptions. We ask that souls be delivered from the mighty powers that seek to destroy happiness, harmony, and life.
We ask that You show forth Your mighty Power on behalf of Your beloved. Lord God, we need You in this and every hour.
Rise up, O great God of Power, display Your Majesty among the people of all nations that they may know that You Alone are God. Be exalted, O GOD, throughout all heavens. Let Your glory fill and flood Your infinite dominion. And may Your Will and Your Work begin with me.