I’m astounded by how these prayers have defined our lives since written in tearful desperation the summer of 2002. While Kristina spent the summer at a college beach ministry, I spent Sunday afternoons on her bed, weeping and pleading for more of God and for our family to be placed in the center of a global Awakening. And then it happened...
When Kristina returned to college that fall, her friends were attending a new church that met in a high school. Although an hour from our home, we began to make the drive so that we could worship together as a family. And there was an indefinable tug at our hearts to be there.
At that time we couldn’t possibly know that sixteen years later Church of the Highlands would have multiple campuses throughout the state, would be one of the fastest growing and most influential churches in the nation, training church leaders and helping plant or “grow” churches throughout America and the world. The key has always been prayer.
It’s as though when we pray, God creates a spiritual and physical avenue to draw willing hearts and minds and lives together. Today, hundreds assemble every Saturday morning to pray for Sunday services. Thousands meet for 6:00 a.m. services during January and August 21 Days of Prayer events, the numbers growing annually. I could spend pages cataloging how God is moving. But instead, I have an assignment for you.
Take your heart through these prayers and journal your own. Unleash your life from any area that has become routine or traditional. Allow God to order your steps... He will...

Inspired by
The Sharper Edge,
a book written by our Houston pastor,
Steve Riggle

For the eyes of the LORD
move to and fro
throughout the earth
that He may strongly support
those whose heart
is completely His.
2 Chronicles 16:9 NASB

Life on the Edge

Father God, I want to follow You ever so closely  so that I can lead others to You... 
I desperately desire to fulfill the Destiny for which You designed me and to arrive there Your Way. Help me to move forward without looking back.
Please help me to avoid being drawn into subtle distractions or deceptions that might slow me down or cause me to stumble or fall. Please help me remain perfectly vigilant to recognize and avoid the traps that are set before me by satan that I may advance forcefully and faithfully  in the race You have set before me.
I plead ~ please grant me a fresh energy and vision of Your divine Will for my life as I meet with You each morning, coupled with a relentless determination to spend every breath You assign me in the faithful pursuit and completion of Your Personal Agenda for my life.
Please do what it takes to keep me from relying upon my own energies, abilities, or plans, that I may fully rely on You and the Power of Your Holy Spirit working within me.
As Your child, I am Your royal ambassador here on Earth. Help me to embrace every issue and aspect of my life in a manner that will be fully pleasing to You.
I want to live on the edge near Eternity, thrusting myself God-ward with purposeful and complete abandon. Here I am, Lord, heart on Your Altar, fully surrendered to execute Your sovereign Will. 
Edge of Time
Father God, I want my life to count for something that You may be honored through this gift of breath You have given me. Teach me to consistently consider my days, for time stands still for no one.
Close my mind to past accomplishments, focusing on the work that remains to be done. Help me to see the needs and practical directives of the present and completely focus on what You desire in the largeness of Your ordained purpose for me and Your ministry through me to Your world. Move me into action as You open the widows and doors before me, for once they are closed the opportunity of each moment is gone forever.
Keep my eyes open to “destiny moments.” Because they may come at times I deem inconvenient, help me to not miss them.
When I reach a crossroad, help me to always respond to what You are speaking to my heart, though it may oppose my human reasoning, for Your Ways are not my Ways nor Your Thoughts my thoughts. Your timing is not dependent upon my circumstances.
Since all things belong to You, I have nothing to lose by letting go of all that holds my attentions and affections to this earth. I set my sights on things above and fill my heart with seeds of Eternity that I may sow at all times, not regarding the winds or clouds or seasons, with the full assurance that faith alone is sufficient to produce a harvest from which You will receive much honor, glory, fame, and joy.
So order the details of my life as I willingly surrender to Your sovereign Will. I cling fast to Your Hand, and eagerly follow in Your Footsteps as they mark the path before me.

View from the Edge

Father God, I desperately desire that the purpose and potential of my life be fully achieved. I do not want to become a victim of a mere “existence” mindset and, because of it, live out my days in mediocrity. The example of my daily actions, or inaction, teaches others how to live well or how to just get by. I want to step boldly beyond my human limitations to embrace Your Power and Purposes working in me that others might have the courage to do the same.
I want to see what others miss. I want to see what YOU see. Like Christ, I want to lift up my eyes to heaven to receive and fully embrace Your God-Perspective.
Please mold my heart to be confident, as I walk on the edge with Your anointing; compassionate, as Your resources flow through me to do good; confrontational, moving in close to deliver those oppressed by the evil one; and composed, no matter how bad or ridiculous the circumstances of each day, for You are with me.
I want to make an explosive impact so that vast multitudes desire to worship You, for this is Your rightful due.
I do not want fortune or fame, but rather to spend every breath making You Smile.
Alone, I am nothing, but as Your vessel, with Your Power working through me, all things are possible.
Father, I present myself before You pleading that You use me in any manner You so desire. I make myself fully available…
For Your exceedingly great Honor and Glory, I pray…
Unblunted Edge

Father God,  I do not want my heart and mind to be shaped by the world system. Please expose the potential darkness of my human material affections.
I want to cast aside the things of earth to focus on expanding the Kingdom of Heaven.
Help me release those things that demand too much of my time or energies. I want to trade the lifeless for life, barrenness for abundant fruitfulness. I desperately desire the wealth of knowing You and to fully cherish the blessing of human relationships. I do not want to spend the best of myself ministering to things that will perish, but to bind up the broken-hearted and strengthen the weak.
I am a child of The Mighty King, created in Your Image, a citizen of Heaven.
You left the vast and imperishable treasures of heaven to Walk the dangerous and dusty roads of earth, to Touch the oozing sores of the leper, to Wipe the salty tears of those who were desperate, and to Speak to demonic spirits thus releasing the captives from their captivity. I want to be like You.
Grant me faith that moves a multitude of mountains, a multitude of human hearts. 


​Sharpened for Every Season

Father God,  I long to live on the cutting edge, p erfectly sharpened for every new season of life.
I want to produce abundant fruit for Your Kingdom, Honor, and Glory at all times and in all places.
I never want to be content (dormant), but to move beyond my level of comfort to embrace new ideas and new possibilities, thus embracing the fullness of life You have ordained for me. I desperately long to enjoy moment-by-moment fresh experiences with You that others may see the relevancy of Your life-giving Word.
Help me to not be so consumed by the hectic pace of each day that the subtle and not so subtle attacks of Hell stifle my creativity or lower my opinion of my value to You.
When overwhelmed by pain or discouragement, give me the passion of The Cross. Help me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to think about all He endured for me so that I do not become weary and give up.
The battle is Yours and I overcome by the precious Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.

I desperately desire to meet Hell’s tactics, life’s mountains, and ministry challenges with a piercing declaration of Your Ability and Faithfulness to us in EVERY situation.​

Tugged to the Edge

Father God, I want to be sharpened in my spirit – ready to hear Your Voice at all times as You draw me to the edge – to a place of divine Purpose. In the “busyness” of life, I desire a sharp focus to respond whenever and wherever You need one of Heaven’s citizens in compassion and mercy to take authority in a situation here on earth. In these times, please establish Your priorities within me. I want my heart to break over that which breaks Your Heart. I want compassion and weeping to well up from deep within me for all in need. I want their problems and struggles to touch me so that I may pray with a tenacity that invades the impossible. Let me never forget that I was created for Your pleasure and placed on this earth to serve You by serving others ~ representing the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. I want to experience the fulfillment in life enjoyed by those who give their lives away. Please fill me up… Overflow me with Your Presence and Holiness that I may be spilled out into a world taunted, tormented, and broken by the powers of Hell and the complicated consequences of living in a world dominated by sin. Use me. Send me. Spend me to lead vast multitudes to Your Hope and Light and Love.

Cutting Edge Presence

Lord God,  Your Call to me is always upward. I do not want to be a spectator of a valid move of God, but rather be in the heart of it, with great urgency wrestling fiercely in prayer and faith-filled action to awaken the world.
Please keep my mind filled with praise so that I do not waste precious moments attempting to understand why You move in the manner You so choose, but instead may I reach beyond my comfort zone to wholly receive and cherish each fresh experience.
I plead for revival and a heart to embrace it no matter what form it comes in.
Please keep me far from the snares of external religious exercises that engage in the worship of methodology but do not transform the inner man. I do not want to devote myself to a spiritual museum wherein experiences of the past have been enshrined. Such a tomb is marked by death, but You arose from the grave, imparting life wherever hearts sincerely seek Your Face.
I long to pursue holiness in every aspect of my life, that my values be established by Your unchanging Word. Holy Spirit, please continually breathe upon the fires of my desperation that I may always remain on the cutting-edge of Your Presence so that I may be effective in the fulfillment of this dangerous prayer.
The Heart's Edge

Holy God, I want my heart to burn with flames of such furious passion that I am fully consumed before You. I was created to worship You. Grant me a desperate desperation to consistently stand in awe of You.
Never let me forget that I am perfectly dependent upon the God who hurls the stars in space to provide my every breath.
Keep me pliant, willing to be shaped by Your Hands.
I want to walk in honesty, humility, and holiness before You and the watching world.
I want to daily embrace Your challenge to live beyond the strength of my human abilities, allowing Your Power and Love to flow through me.
As the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are Separate, yet One, help me strive for such unity in my fellowship with the saints. Help me to be patient, treating others as I want to be treated, never allowing preferences in styles of worship or varying levels of spiritual maturity to ever divide us. Give me Your Heart and Eyes to recognize everyone’s unique beauty and potential.
May I be willing to participate in things that will not personally benefit me or the ministry to which You have called me.
Keep me far from the dangers of isolation that I may gain strength in relationships and be used to strengthen and encourage others. Give me a heart that laughs with those who are cheerful and weeps with those who mourn. 
Please grant me creative ideas for encouraging others and inspiring unity.
When tempted by the disgusting and destructive strategies of the enemy of every soul, move me to flee from gossip, strife, envy, jealousy...
For Your Honor may I live and breathe and die...

The Leader's Edge

Father God, You have ordained Your body to be unified in the Spirit that we might be strong and successful in the advancement of Your Kingdom.    
Please surround me with authentic friendships, a powerful hedge of protection because of our prayers for and accountability to one another
Help me remain consistently motivated to avoid isolation, as there we become easy prey to the enemy, falling into his traps of depression, discouragement, sin, destruction... I want to be faithful in meeting with Christian friends and attending Christian activities, especially during seasons of conflict, offense, or pain.
Whenever conflicts do arise, please grant me discernment, wisdom, patience, and love, always recognizing that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and rulers in heavenly places. Help me to be silent, speaking only as You speak through me. May this mouth be wholly consecrated to praise, pray, and serve You. Keep me far from slander or gossip that drives others from the safety of corporate unity. May I serve as a shepherd - not as a lion.
You have created us to need one another. May our time together in Your Presence be a steady source of encouragement, comfort, and extraordinary joy.
For this incredible weaving of hearts and minds and lives, I offer You my sincere appreciation and affection.

Passionate Edge

Father,  You created me for a reason. Please erase any desire to measure the outcome of my efforts in ministry. Help me to focus on living well, driven by Your Holy Spirit to achieve everything You desire to accomplish within me and through me .
Help me be faithful and faith-filled in exercising the spiritual gifts You’ve given me for Your glory and the benefit of Your Church.
I stir up every spiritual ember deep within my heart and cast myself upon the altar of Your Holy Presence and Will. Breathe on me, fueling the fires of my passion to execute Your sovereign Will no matter what the cost.
Please surround me with friends who share my values and heart for ministry so that we may strengthen and encourage one another.
May I never be satisfied with man’s definition of success, but maintain a desperate desperation to embrace a dimension of Your calling that requires Your limitless Power and abundant Provision.
May I consistently and persistently choose to keep growing and learning, especially when I want to give up and walk away.
I commit to “finish well” – to run the complete race, allowing You to define the finish line.
May every effort and ounce of energy be for Your honor and glory and praise and the eternal ecstasy of others

A Hidden Edge

Father,  I am only one person, yet who can comprehend the opportunities available for me to make an impact in the world during any given day?
I want to be faithful as I pursue Your Presence in times of corporate fellowship with other Christians. What divine encounter might I miss if I choose to not attend church? What point of personal need might not be met because of my absence? What seeds will not be planted deep into the hearts of my children (Your children) when I choose to keep them from spiritual mentors to help me guide them in Your Truth and sacred ways? What burden of another individual might not be lifted because I am not present to pray and encourage?
I am only one voice, yet I cannot be heard unless I speak. I was created by You to make a difference in this world -  breathing Your Life into the lifeless, Your Hope into the hopeless, Your Love into the broken hearted...
I must participate in the activities of my church and nation's government lest my apathy invite Your Judgment.
May I be wholly devoted to impart God-Wisdom and Life into every dimension of these Last Days to which You have assigned me.
I fully understand that I must be faithful to be fruitful.
Show me where to go and what to do. I am Your servant who delights to do Your Will.

Rim of the Cup

Father, as the making of fine wine, I surrender my life to be poured from "vessel to vessel" that the pure fruit of my heart may separate from the dregs - the bitterness that destroys what You desire to complete in me and through me.
Throughout this transfer and transformation,  help me rest in the waves that disturb  the peace and stillness I’ve come to rely on and enjoy.
Each time I’m transferred to a new vessel,  may I have a heart to embrace
the circumstances of my environment that help produce  the likeness of Christ in me.
With each pouring, may I savor the fresh experience  of standing fast in Your faithfulness.
Keep me at the edge of the rim,
ready and waiting for Your Hand.

An Edge Called Fidelity

Daddy God, please help me honor You as I minister to my family. Beyond loving You, this is my most important assignment from You.
I want a healthy marriage so that my testimony will be authentic and fruitful. I want to crush any façade we’ve built that deceives the world. I want to destroy all walls that separate us in any way and build a fortress to protect us from the enemy of all souls.
May love and honor be our doorposts.
Help us maintain boundaries that are never violated, always avoiding the very appearance of evil. Grant us creativity that inspires family unity and an environment where our relationships may thrive.
May our home be a place of laughter, a safe place to weep and find encouragement, a place to be authentic...
May our home be a house of prayer for all nations.
Help us bring out the best in one another.
When conflicts arise, may we be quick to unite, recognizing that the enemy of our souls consistently strives to weaken and unravel our family ties.
Give us ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to respond to one another’s needs. Help us to not take one another for granted but to cherish every moment we have together. I want You to be happy in our home.
I want You to be revered and worshiped here.
Please bless us with Your Wisdom and Presence as we minister to one another through Your gift of family, which strengthens our ministry to the world.

The Edge of Holiness

Father God of all Glory, please give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. Open the eyes of my understanding that I may comprehend the wonderful future You have promised to those who respond to Your Call. Please open the eyes of my heart to all that You deem holy. These things are highly valued by You, separated for a destined purpose. You have cautioned us to not treat them as common. Not as a point of legalism, but as a demonstration of my sincere adoration, I seek to place these items within my heart and guard them with an attitude of deep reverence.
The tithe is holy. It belongs to You. As I release it, I demonstrate that I trust You to provide my every need.
The Sabbath is holy. Many conditional blessings are tied to this Day.
Your Word is holy. I pledge to hide it in my heart that I might not sin against You.
Your Love is holy, its magnitude demonstrated at the place of The Cross. And so much more…
You call us to be holy, because You are holy. We are called to set ourselves apart for Your ordained Plans and Purposes. I want to live on the edge of holiness, in pursuit of Your highest Excellence that I may forever be a source of blessing to You.
Razor's Edge Living

Father God, the challenges that loom before us as a church, as a nation, as individuals, are far greater than we are. Please grant me discernment that I not fall prey to any satanic ploy that causes me to believe that the situation is only what I can perceive in the natural and that the only resources available are those attainable through human effort. Truly, our hope is not in our economy, our government, or in any individual who claims to have the answers to these problems. Our hope is in our God who specializes in bringing hope and harvest in hopeless and barren times.
While kings and kingdoms crumble and fall, Your Word stands firm forever.
Please grant me an unyielding determination to meet every obstacle - no matter how desperate the situation - in faith, coupled with action, fully trusting You to meet me in every crisis moment. May I wholly embrace these as opportunities to bear witness to Your manifest Power and Glory. As You plant deep within my heart Your Vision for my destiny, I seek the firm resolve to never give up - I don't want to let You down. Through the sum of ALL circumstances, You will accomplish Your intended Purpose in me.

Father God,  there are times when spirits of confusion or hopelessness set their evil talons into my heart and mind. I feel a sense of agonizing despair as the powers of Hell speak their lies in my weakness.
Although I know You are closer than my breath, I sometimes feel that You have retreated to the heavens.
I long for a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit daily so that I may boldly impart the Fragrance of Christ to the world. Move me far from the smell of rotting flesh, exuded when I walk in reliance upon my own strength or ability. Prod me – or do what it takes – to keep me consistent in daily disciplines that will enhance my relationship with You, drawing me deeper into Your Presence and the comprehension of Your desire for me - and keep my heart open to enjoy and appreciate Your awesome Power and Majesty.
Give me a heart that remains desperate to become all that Christ Jesus saved me for and desires me to be.
Help me cling to the reality of Your overwhelming Love, that the God of all time and space would desire to Die for me, Live with me, and be my closest Friend.
Father God, I desire that my relationship with You continue to strengthen and my spirit, understanding, faith, vision, and realm of influence continue to expand, resulting in successes piling up to the heavens. I want to live on the edge. I want to travel from glory to glory, never resting in what has been.
I desperately desire that my knowledge and experience with You be expressed in practical ways as I minister within my home and in Your world. Walking in obedience to Your Plans for me, I submit myself to the disciplines necessary for You to produce in me the character and ministry - the fruit of the Spirit - of Jesus. Squeeze gently, molding Your Definition into my life - this process of transformation - that I may emanate the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved, among those who are perishing, and before Your holy Throne of Grace. Refine me in Your sacred Fires that I may become pure and pleasing in Your sight. May the results be that I reflect Your Light and Love to a world so dark and desperate.
Father, as I look at the fields, please move my eyes beyond any mire of sin to recognize the incomparable potential of every individual.
May I never forget my season of abject barrenness and the dirt from which each seed was nurtured to yield the fruit of my life. May I remain thankful for those who continue to cultivate the soil of my heart.
Please remove any vines and thorns of self-righteousness, which choke out the personal and eternal fruit You desire to produce within me and through me.
Your Word tells us to sow the seed of Your Word at all times for we cannot know what will prosper. It's easy to find excuses to wait, and satan will always tempt us to procrastinate, but Your timing is not dependent upon human circumstances or emotions. I do not want to miss any opportunity, because whenever we sow Your Word into any human heart, it will always accomplish every purpose for which You sent it...
for which You sent us...

Father, You have given me one life to live. I cannot know the number of my days nor the details You have ordained as I embrace each new moment of my destiny. I want a heart that's always willing to trust, obey, and follow You without hesitation, for I fully understand that the choices I make each day impact the lives and eternal destinies of others.
Prod me past the limitations of my fears and human reasoning to hear Your Heart and Intent, for You have called us and daily challenge us to trust You in each opportunity of our lifetime. You give me the option of making the most of these hours by setting my heart to step out boldly in faith and follow wherever You lead, or to play it safe, avoiding risk, living within the realm of my human logic. But as a steward of this time, I will someday be required to give an account as to how I spent this most precious commodity. I want to live a life of no regrets.
I desire to maximize my potential by giving up all that I am to receive all that I can be as I fully surrender to You and Your Plan for my life. I want to perform great exploits for the advancement of Your eternal Kingdom so that when I stand before You I can enjoy the delight in Your Voice as You say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Well done, my precious and faithful child!”
Papa Father and Precious Lord Jesus, as I lift my hands toward heaven, I do so to receive the towel marked by Your Gentleness that I may with all compassion and tenderness wash the feet of those around me, wipe the tears of those who are broken or lonely, or bring warmth to those who are cold and weary. May I be Your Hands and Feet, moving swiftly to embrace the opportunities of each new day. I was created for Your Pleasure. I delight to pour my love on You by pouring out the inexpressible Love and Joy You have given me upon others.
For Your Glory and Love I live…
​The Sharper Edge