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A House of Prayer for All Nations

Our mission is to equip you with   
  • Prayer strategies to address the battles for our families, individuals, and nations
  • Bible study strategies – the weapon Christ used to defeat satan in the wilderness
  • Devotionals to encourage you throughout your fiercest battle or in your daily walk
  • Christ-centered crafts
  • Strategies for unifying and strengthening your family
  • Simple, effective ways to sow the Word of God into hearts of those within the realm of your influence
All information is offered as a free downloadable document
on each website page.
    And we'll have fun changing the world together.
We usually begin by addressing God as “Father." It's how Jesus taught us to pray.
But we always recognize the triune Presence of
Father, Messiah, and Holy Spirit.
We always recognize their powerful, gentle, and holy attributes.
We always recognize their splendid majesty.
We rarely use the term “In the Name of Jesus, we pray” because it's commonly recognized as a prayer terminator. People immediately shift their attentions to other things. Nowhere in this project are we concluding, but rather igniting prayer.     Every prayer here is offered in the Name of Jesus, for the glory of God, and for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

The extensive use of ellipses (...) is a signal to pause and follow the Holy Spirit as He leads. 
All references to satan, whether noun or pronoun,
even when they begin a sentence,
are written in lower case,
with the exception of Scriptural quotations.
he is the essence of evil -
a lower case, improper creature.
We pray for your imaginations - that you hear clearly as God inspires you to expand on what is shared here - to share your ideas with others, and to share them with us. With God of the Angel Armies leading us, 
We are unshakable.
We are unstoppable.
We are victorious.