Every morning
    you’ll hear me at it again.
Every morning
    I lay out the pieces of my life
    on your altar
    and watch for fire to descend.
Psalm 5:2-3 The Message
Father God,
today I simply seek Your dominion over every thought that I think and every detail of my destiny. The life You’ve given me, I offer back to You in complete surrender…

how I long to be Your sanctuary wherein You delight to dwell. I want Your Love to flow through my hands, my heart, and my tongue, bringing comfort and joy to those around me. I want to lift high Your Standard of Peace and Praise so that in the midst of all circumstances others will place their trust in Your unfailing Love. I long to be an agent of deliverance, rescuing those in bondage from the strong forces of the enemy of all souls. Above all, I want to be a living sacrifice, an offering of praise to You. With great appreciation and adoration, I pray…
Father God,
You have given us The Cross, asking only that we cling to It and to You that we might bear much fruit for Your Kingdom. You have said, “If you love Me, feed My sheep… Tend My lambs…” Lord God, because You are holy how dare I pray, “Here am I, send me,” then refuse to walk through the doors I have asked You to open? How dare I pray, “Show me Your Will, that I may do it,” and then close my eyes to pursue my own personal desires? The fields are white, ready for harvest. Give me courage to labor with diligence and sacrifice that You might be glorified in all of my prayers and activities.

Father God,
I choose to delight in every detail You are carefully orchestrating before me. Although I cannot see where You’re leading me, I cling to Your mighty Hand, and celebrate with dancing as I follow in Your Footsteps, knowing that each step leads to more fruitful ministry. The fires of the altar are painful, yet, please, consume all of me that You desire, that I may be refined for Your Plans and Purposes. Inspire my imagination to this end. Delight my mind with meditations of Your majesty. May all seeds that I've planted along the way, bear abundant fruit for Your glory. Do not allow satan to diminish or destroy my past, present, or future labors. Use me to shine Your glorious Light into a world that seems to grow darker with each passing day.
I offer myself to You as a servant, seeking nothing more than Your honor and joy. With arms uplifted, I surrender all that I am – every goal, every dream, and reach to embrace You and the destiny You place before me. As Abraham offered Isaac, I offer into Your keeping the gift of my complete trust. In every detail of my life, may You be glorified.
Father God,
I come now to place myself upon the Altar of Your sovereign Will. Please freely pour out Your oil of anointing over me and set me ablaze with Your holy Fire – flames of Glory consuming all that I am that I may walk in all humility in service before You. My life is filled with blemishes - an imperfect sacrifice – but it’s all I have to offer, for all that I have and all that I am, indeed, belong to You.
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