He had to manage his time well. Responding to God’s direction, he left a quieter lifestyle to stand against hostile governments. He led over a million people, all homeless - wandering forty years in a wasteland. He was a champion intercessor, praying for people who frequently wanted to kill him. As directed by God, he gave them laws to live by and served as judge in their disputes. Without a computer equipped with spell checking and countless reams of paper at his disposal, this husband and father wrote five books that have been on the “Best Seller” list for about 3,400 years. 
Moses wrote,
 “So teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom...
Let Your work appear to Your servants,
And Your glory to their children.
And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands.”
Psalm 90:12, 16-17 NKJV

Father God,
the days of life pass swiftly. Please move us to number each day that we might gain a heart of Wisdom. There’s so much work to be done here on earth, so many people to teach and reach with Your Love. Please keep our hearts attentive to Your Instruction so that no time is wasted. Let Your Work appear to Your servants and Your glory to their children. May we be moved by Your holiness, and awed by Your Majesty. May we see Your great Might and Miracles among us. Please grant us Your favor in all of our labors for the advancement of Your eternal Kingdom, establishing the work of our hearts and hands before us. Yes, establish the work of our hearts and of our hands.
(Inspired by Psalm 90)

as a stick of incense burns, the ashes fall quietly away, scattering with every breeze. I’m reminded of the conclusion of all my labors and investments into the things of this world. All that we do will be tested by fire and only that which has eternal significance will remain. And just as the fragrance of incense quickly fades, so does the satisfaction experienced in all worldly pleasures. But Love fans the Flames of Hope, Joy, Peace, and Faith – creating a fragrance that lingers beyond death and eternity.
Father, thank You for The Fire…
Father God,
You have given us The Cross, asking only that we cling to It and to You that we might bear much fruit for Your Kingdom. You have said, “If you love Me, feed My sheep… Tend My lambs…” Lord God, how dare I pray, “Here am I, send me,” then refuse to walk through the doors I have asked You to open? How dare I pray, “Show me Your Will, that I may do it,” and then close my eyes to pursue my own personal desires?
The fields are white, ready for harvest. Give me courage to labor with diligence and sacrifice that You might be glorified in all of my labors.
Father God,
sometimes it’s difficult to discern Your Will for our lives. Please firmly guide us into passionate obedience as we surrender the details of our destinies before You. Refine our motives, and strengthen us as we strive for purity and holiness that we might serve You in a manner that will enhance Your reputation among humanity and give You reason to Smile. Grant us quiet confidence in the little things, patience to overcome every obstacle, and faith that expects and explores all possibilities as we seek only the expansion of Your glorious eternal Kingdom and an explosion of righteousness and passion for You here on Earth.
With all our adoration, we pray…
Father God,
we come before You, walking firmly in the Power of Your holy Word, girding up the loins of our minds, serious and attentive to Your Truth, placing all our hopes in the Person, Plans, and Purposes of our Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to be obedient children, delighting in and leading others into Your eternal Love. We pursue holiness in every detail of our lives because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy,” knowing that You both judge and reward all people - without partiality - according to that which they have done.
You have bought us with the Precious and Perfect Blood of Jesus Christ. We bow in deep adoration and reverence for this most Wonderful Gift. We fear You and Trust Your Ways. We are as grass. Our beauty fades; we wither, and die. But Your Truth stands embracing our souls throughout Eternity.
(Inspired by 1 Peter 1:13-25)

Father God,
I try hard to watch what I do and not sin with my mouth when those who do not obey You are around me. But as I stand there in silence, not even speaking of good things, turmoil rises within me to the bursting point. My thoughts grow hot and begin to burn igniting a fire of words. Father, please erase my foolish human opinions from my mind; be very near, and give me Your Words to speak that the Fires of Your Holiness might light a passionate love for You in the hearts and minds of others. Life is so brief; we can never know how much time remains for us to live.
I may never have an opportunity
to share Your Truth again.
Those You place within my life
may never have another opportunity
to receive It.
We are merely moving shadows… All our busy earthly pursuits will end in nothingness, and when we die, our material wealth will be left to others. Help me to make wise choices with the time You have assigned me, guiding me far from all worthless activities. I want to make a difference for good in Your world and in Your eternal Kingdom. Oh please be near and guide me, directing my every step, thought, word, and activity for Your glory and honor alone, I pray…
(Inspired by Psalm 39)
Father God,
I delight in You… not that I may attain the desires of my heart, for You are my heart’s Desire. I commit all that I do to You, for I can do nothing of eternal consequence without You. It is difficult to be still in Your Presence, waiting for You to act. I want to labor hard and long in the fields of Your Kingdom, yet I recognize that in my zeal I might attempt to seize that which is not quite ready for Your Harvest. Help me to be patient as You direct my journey, one step at a time. I know that You delight in every detail of my life. Keep me focused and steady within the pathway of Your sovereign Will, filled with confidence that at Your Perfect Time, my labors will honor You with a fruitful increase, for You have promised to give me the land.
(Inspired by Psalm 37)
Father God,
as we begin each new day, please move our hearts to offer You our agendas to modify as You desire. Please keep the enemy of our souls far from us, giving us strength in the inner man and Wisdom to resist every form of temptation. Please direct, not only the course of our days that You may receive glory in their results, but please also lay hold of every thought that we think even in the night. May Your Spirit guide our words and conduct so that You may be honored in our activities.
Please bless us with a profound sense of Your awesome Presence at all times.
We thank You for every interruption of our goals, for the working out of Your sovereign Plans, for Your Word clearly and purposefully states that all things work together for good to those who love You – to those who are called according to Your Purpose.
So no matter what the outcome, as our days are surrendered to You, we pray in unity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, may Your Will be done – on Earth as it is in Heaven. Yes, Lord, not our will, but Your Will.

how I long that we, Your children, develop such a deep passion for You that our hearts are moved to honor You with extreme reverence. Grant us a fervent desire to do what pleases You. Move us far from complaining and arguments, so that those within and outside the body of Christ have no cause to speak against us. Help us to shine the Light of Your Love and Holiness in a world filled with people groping in darkness. May we long that our lives be poured out as drink offerings before You - fully prepared to die, if necessary, for the advancement of Your magnificent reputation.
(Inspired by Philippians 2:12-18)

Abba Father,
please grant me the courage
to carry out every plan
You deposit within my heart.
It’s so easy to become discouraged.
Help me to never give up –
always walking tenaciously
in the freshness and fullness
of each new moment.
I long for my activities
to result in greater reverence
for Your holy Word
and wonderful Name.
Savior of the world,
I long for zeal for You and the expansion of Your Kingdom to consume me. I live to declare Your Glory - to share all that You have done in my life with everyone who comes my way. But Lord, I don’t want them to believe in and love You because of my experience. I want them to personally enjoy an intimate relationship with You. How I long for the world to drink deeply from Your well of Living Water, that they might never thirst again.
(Inspired by John 4)
I have walked in complacent satisfaction, safe within Your holy Light while so many struggle deep within the darkness of this present age. I have not always reached out in prayer and ministry to snatch them from the cruel and unyielding grip of the enemy of our souls. Move me into faith-filled action. Strategically position me deep within the fields wherein they have wandered. Use me to bring Your lost sheep back to the fold, Father. Use me to bring them home so that You may delight in their presence, love, and praise.
For Your honor and glory alone, I plead…
Father God,
You designed all people in Your glorious Image and remain forever faithful to pour out Your amazing Love and excellent provision upon all You have created. Help me to be diligent in protecting the helpless victims of satan’s vicious schemes. As You are near to those who suffer physical, verbal, and spiritual abuse, please expose their needs to me that I may labor with You to bind up the brokenhearted, feed the hungry, rescue the lost and the perishing, and to set the captives free. Let this be the focus of all my life’s ambitions.
For Your Glory Alone, may I forever live...
Magnificent Savior,
so much of what I labor for will turn to bitter ashes and rust or ultimately be consumed in Your final and holy flames. I want every moment of my life to count for Eternity. I come into Your Presence to willingly surrender my personal agenda that You may establish my daily priorities, calling forth my destiny that I may make a difference here on earth that resonates throughout endless ages to come.
For Your honor and glory, I breathe…

Father God,
I come as a servant, seeking to do Your Will. You alone have The Words that give Eternal Life. I believe them and know that You are The Holy One of God. I ask that You place me in the midst of a hungry people - and use me to distribute The True Bread of Life to the multitudes. Father, please draw all peoples to Yourself and pour out Your Spirit upon them, for mere human effort accomplishes nothing. May they taste and see that You are very awesome. May they taste Eternity and never experience hunger again.
For Your blessing and honor and glory alone, I pray…
(Inspired by John 6)
Father God,
please pour out Your Living Water upon us, for we are desperate with thirst. Rain down Your floods upon the dry and hardened soil of our human hearts. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon our descendants and the Blessings of Your Presence upon both our blood and spiritual offspring. May they rise up as tall, green willows, though planted within barren desserts - offering protection and hope for those who have lost their way. May their hearts be fully devoted to serving You and their labors for Your Kingdom yield abundant fruit…
For Your Honor and Glory alone, we pray.
(Inspired by Isaiah 44:35)
He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord,
and He will pay back
what he has given.
Proverbs 19:17 NKJV
grant us eyes to recognize the needs of others and ears to hear their cries for help. When material resources are required, quicken us to be faithful and responsive for we cannot give them anything that does not truly belong to You. But may our charities not overlook the poor in spirit, even when they may seem as our enemy – those who need a simple word of encouragement or prayer. Bind them to every beat of our hearts as they are bound to Yours.
In partnership with You, we pray…
we ask that You daily renew our passion
for worship,
and service.
As we draw near to You,
we come with repentant hearts…
May our sins and our self-seeking desires
not eclipse the Light You desire to shine
within us and through us.
We long to be completely spent
for Your Purposes
and not our own,
that we might bring You pleasure
as servants of The Living God.
Our only desire
is to see You honored and exalted,
and for this cause we live and breath and pray...
Shepherd Savior,
give me a heart that is willing to leave the ninety-nine to seek out the single lost sheep – alone, wandering, desperately searching for love and affirmation – despised, broken, and forgotten, though not by You. Please grant me eyes to recognize them, a heart that discerns both their physical and spiritual needs, feet that run swiftly to comfort them, hands that willingly embrace them though they be covered with stench and grime… a tongue that speaks words of encouragement, and a gentleness tempered with tenacity that leads them safely into Your Presence. Let me be as a human shield that stands ready to protect them from the potential destruction desired against them by the enemy of our souls. May my life and breath be spent for this and for Your eternal Glory…

Holy Father,
remove - even forcefully, all things that hinder me from executing Your sovereign Will. The treasures of this Earth are worthless, destined for complete destruction. Please plant deep within my heart seeds of passionate desire to pursue You and the expansion of Your glorious Kingdom. May every beat of my heart resonate with these purposes and with adoration that rises before Your holy Throne of Grace, for You Alone Are The Treasure that I live for, The Treasure that I long for.
(Inspired by Matthew 6:19-21)
Lord of the harvest,
please keep my eyes firmly focused
on You
and on the fields that are ripening
for Your harvest.
Help me to stand against
every temptation to measure victory,
for I can do nothing without You
and only You are worthy
of all glory, honor, and praise.
I cling to Christ, The Vine
that I might  bear much fruit
for Your glorious Kingdom.
Father Lord,
I pray that Your Message will spread rapidly and be honored everywhere It goes. As we live Your Word before those who do not believe, we ask that You make us strong and guard us from the enemy of our souls. Give us the courage to practice all that we have been taught, and bring us into an ever deeper understanding of Your Love and the endurance that comes from Christ. May we be diligent and faithful in all our Kingdom labors, and please give us Your Peace no matter what happens.
(Inspired by 2 Thessalonians 3)

   O God,
You are in all places.
You witness every tear that falls;
indeed, they all roll down Your Cheeks
as Your Heart breaks and yearns
for Your creation.
May the thoughts that I think
and things that I do
bring joy to Your Heart
and a smile to Your Face.

Father God,
in this day I ask nothing of You
but that I be moved to serve You
with the best of my love.
Please guide me to walk in selfless service before You.
I quiet my heart to hear Your Voice…

Priorities ~ III