Are you easily distracted by activities or opportunities that do not support your personal or family mission statement?
How many times have I said, “Yes” when asked to do something, when that "still small Voice" was shouting, “NO! Don’t do it!” How many hours have I spent fulfilling commitments (good things) that I never should have made or fighting causes I was passionate about, yet these were not my God-appointed assignments?
This is why I’ve recorded many prayers addressing “priorities”. If you need help in this area too, join me – we’ll pray together…
All too often the distractions and busyness of life move the focus of my attention and affections far from You, Your Word, Your Plans, and Your Purposes. Help me to sift through the details of each day that I might be more faithful in living a life of love and service before You. As worthless opportunities draw me away, help me to resist them, that I might not be caught in their snares, wasting precious fleeting moments that could be spent in a more fruitful manner. O God, my spirit is so willing, but my flesh is weak. Please help me. I set my heart to seek You with all that is within me. Please speak loudly and clearly. Even in Your silence, may I ever be sensitive to Your calling. O how I long to honor You with every moment that You grant me while here on Earth and throughout all Eternity.

Father God,
so much of what I labor for will turn to bitter ash - ultimately and completely consumed - in Your final and holy Flames. I want to make a difference in the world. I want my life to count for something. I surrender every detail of my daily and eternal destinies, placing myself upon the Altar of Your holy Will. Firmly establish Your holy aspirations for me deep within my innermost being, so ordering my life that I am not distracted by things that are temporal. May Your perfect and holy Will be accomplished in my heart, as it is in Heaven.
You created the Heavens, the Earth, and everything within them. From the tiniest molecule to the utmost star, each has its own purpose in revealing Your glory. I, too, want to reveal Your glory. So help me to be obedient to You in every area of this life You’ve given me, for You see what I cannot see and know what I cannot possibly know. You orchestrate my highest possibilities in accordance with Your calling upon my life when I surrender and walk in obedience to Your sovereign Will. Grant me the courage to follow through with each task, especially when I face opposition. May my efforts and person seem invisible as You are revealed and exalted throughout the Earth. May every thought that I think, every dream that I dream, and everything that I do be an expression of my extreme adoration as I lavish my life and my love upon You.
Father Lord,
I long to be Your servant. Please grant me vast and excellent treasures of reverent Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding that I may fully execute every Plan You delight to order before me. Fully consume every part of me that hinders the working out of Your Will for my life. How I long to live only for Your excellent Glory!
Father God,
my nourishment comes from doing Your Will. As I look around me I see vast fields ripening - now ready for harvest. I want no wages, but that You be honored and well pleased by all my labors - for all power, purpose, ability, and results are supplied by You. I desire that immeasurable multitudes be brought to eternal life as a result of my energies that You might be thrilled as You delight in their praises and love. Send me out to plow, sow, fertilize, and harvest - whatever You desire me to do and wherever You desire me to go - I am willing. You will enable me.
For Your Glory alone, I breathe…
(Inspired by John 4:34-38)
Father God,
Your Presence occupies all space and time. You witness every tear that falls – indeed, the tears of all humanity flow as rivers down Your Face as Your Heart breaks and yearns for Your creation. May my life be spent completely in bringing You joy by serving and loving those who are lonely or living in despair. I long for them to know how much You love and desire them and for them to love and desire You in return. How I desperately want to spend my life in a manner that will give You reason to smile.
we want everything that happens to us to result in the spread of The Gospel. We pray that we never do anything to cause shame, but that we always remain bold in our witness, and that our lives will always honor You - whether we live or whether we die. Sometimes we long to move from this life and into Your glorious Presence, yet so much work remains to be done here on Earth. Help us to faithfully complete the mission for which You created us that You may be glorified in all our labors.
(Inspired by Philippians 1:12-26)

Father God,
we ask that a strong vision of the destiny for which You created us flood every aspect of our being. May it rise up deep within our hearts that we may overflow with activities that will bring Your Kingdom Plans to fulfillment. May we live our lives as an act of selfless worship that is wholly pleasing to You.
With all our love we pray…

Lord God,
in this and every day, please grant me a tenacious resolve to resist every lure of the devil or personal distraction that would hinder or keep me from executing Your Agenda.
For the honor of Your glorious Name may I daily live and breathe and die.
With all my love, I pray…
Father God,
as I come before You in each new day, I ask that You strengthen my hands and my heart to accomplish all that You desire to do both within me and through me. Strengthen me according to Your Word that I may be able to stand strong, fight the good fight, and finish the race You have set before me. Strengthen me in every way deep within every part of me that my motives, thoughts, and conduct may honor You. Move me to glory in my every weakness, for there Your Strength is perfected within me. Strengthen me so that I will be able to strengthen others. You are the God of my every breath, to Whom I fully surrender my earthly and eternal destiny and to Whom I offer my extravagant adoration and highest praise.

Father in Heaven,
You assign each person’s labors for the purpose of Your Kingdom’s expansion. Fill me with an all-consuming passion to complete the mission for which I was created. As I work, may others see You and You alone. May I not get in the way - blocking their vision or personal experience with You. May I decrease as You increase. May they hear Your Voice above my own and know that You are faithful and true. May I be filled with joy over the success of others. And Lord God, thank You for every opportunity to serve and glorify You.
O God,
You are The Word, ever-present before the beginning of measured time. Our life is in You and is sustained by You. We come as Your servants; please shine through us so that those we encounter who are walking in darkness might believe. Multiply the seed we sow that vast multitudes may believe and become Your children. We want the world to know the Love of the Father, the Forgiveness of the Savior, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
(Inspired by John 1:1-16)

I cannot begin to contemplate the splendor of Your awesome Imagination and Your Passion for Your creation. But inasmuch as I am capable, within the restrictive boundaries of my humanness, please grant me understanding of Your Thoughts and Ways that I may better serve and honor You. Teach me what You desire for me to know about You, and anoint me to communicate Your Truth to others. Do not permit me to disseminate my human perception, but rather help me lead others to recognize and respond to the authentic glory of Your awe-inspiring Majesty. May the world desire to know You intimately and not be hindered by my limited and personal perspectives. Let me live in Your Love and for Your Love. For Your Honor alone, I live and breathe and pray.
(Inspired by Isaiah 55:8-9)
O Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world -
I am not worthy to be Your slave. Thank You for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and of Fire. I long to be Your disciple - to follow closely wherever You lead. I desperately desire to touch the hearts of vast multitudes in Your Name and for Your glory that they might know and follow You also –  and that they might introduce even greater multitudes to You - that these too, might love and follow You. May Your Kingdom explode with expansion here on Earth, that You may be highly exalted in the hearts of all humanity as You are exalted in the highest of Your Eternal Heavens.
(Inspired by John 1:17-51)

Faithful Father,
all that I call my own
truly belongs to You.
You even possess the souls
of those who seek to take
what You have given me.
Keep me ever mindful that
material blessings are merely tools
to be used to honor You
in the expansion of Your Kingdom.
I place myself upon the Altar of Your sovereign Will. Please pour out Your oil of anointing over me, and set me ablaze with Your Holy Fire… flames of Glory consuming all that I am that I may walk in humility in service before You. My life is filled with blemishes - an imperfect sacrifice - but it’s all that I have to offer, for all that I have and all I am, indeed, belong to You.

Love of my life,
I ask that nothing short
of Your personal and perfect Will
be accomplished in me and through me
throughout the course of this
and every day,
no matter what the personal cost.
(Do I really mean this?)
{Yet this is the substance of surrender.}
Father God,
please continually press us to guard and guide every thought that we think without distraction - both day and night – that we may be vigilant to hear Your Voice and be fully obedient to accomplish Your sovereign Will. Help us to respond to You as Lord - in every moment – not exercising religious externals, but rather honoring You from the very depths of our innermost beings. May our greatest desire be to love and serve You with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and energies.
O God, You are our passion!    

Father God,
I am moved by Your Love – bound in the spirit to go wherever You send me, not knowing the things that will happen to me as I walk through the moments of each day. Yet none of these things move me, nor do I count my life dear to myself so that I may finish the race You have set before me with great joy, and the ministry I have received from the Lord Jesus Christ to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. May I continue to walk resolutely, innocent of the blood of all men. Help me to never shun any opportunity to completely declare before all men the complete counsel of God.
(Inspired by Acts 20:22-27)

Father Lord,
please reign over every decision that I make. May I feel Your Presence and the quickening of Your Holy Spirit as I walk through the course of each day, for every choice bears many consequences.
Help me to control the spending of the resources You give me. May each transaction not be selfishly squandered that I may lavishly bless those who are less fortunate than me, or that I may more faithfully contribute to Your activities – ministries within my church or around the world. I want desperately to be a wise steward.
As I confront the issue of how to spend the moments of each day, may I be quick to remember that my time here is very brief, and once spent, a minute can never be recaptured and relived. May I be faithful to invest in my experience with You and the people around me so that my life is not wasted on that which is insignificant.
No material obsession can satisfy my greatest human need, nor can it be carried with me when I die. May I see every aspect of my life as a ministry opportunity, and so guide my decisions according to Your design and desire for my life. May my choices honor and bless You, my Father, my Savior, my Friend...

Almighty God,
You hold all Power and Authority.
Everything originates from You,
belongs to You,
and returns to You.
With faith,
fully trusting You with every detail of my life
and the lives of those around me,
I make myself available.
Father God,
in this day I ask nothing of You
but that I be moved to serve You
with the best of my love.
Please guide me to walk
in selfless service before You.
I quiet my heart to hear Your Voice…

Holy Father,
I thank You for every detail that You orchestrate in the calling forth of this day. I seek Your Wisdom, Strength, and Favor in completing each task You place before me. As I bow my heart in reverent adoration and appreciation, I delight in Your Presence in this journey. May the fruit of all labors for Your Kingdom be greatly multiplied for Your honor and glory that the world might know that You Alone are God.
Priorities ~ II