Father God,
the Imaginations of Your Heart are pure and wonderful, but my thoughts are inclined to wander. I am seemingly confronted by so many distractions that like heavy chains bind me to the issues of this world. Please help me to give You my complete attention. It is what You deserve and desire. There is nothing more important than my relationship with You, The Eternal God of the Universe and my Holy and Heavenly Father. Help me to set my sights on the pure realities of Heaven, where my Lord Jesus Christ sits at the right Hand of God in the place of honor and power. I desire that Heaven flood my thoughts, rapidly washing away every diversion that seeks to gain my interest during these precious moments with You.
I lift my eyes and arms to the Heavens to fully embrace Your Love, Faithfulness, and Freedom.
Please quiet my soul that I may hear Your Voice in the stillness and simplicity of these moments in Your glorious Presence.

Father God,
I cast my personal agenda upon the flames of Your holy Altar, and lift my heart before Your Throne of Grace. Share with me the prayers of Your Heart. Guide my intercessions - may they always seek Your desired Will. Fully surrendered, I unite my soul to speak the "Amen" to all Your sovereign Desires.
In this time together I pour out my adoration, appreciation, and utmost reverence… May You receive highest honor, and glory, and praise.
In Your Love, I live…

I want my prayers to be holy, fully pleasing to You - as fragrant incense rising before Your Throne. May they be selfless sacrificial offerings set apart for Your service. May they be wonderfully seasoned with intimacy and praise. May they be so treasured by You that as I bow my heart in reverent wonder You delight with eager anticipation, joyfully declaring, “Here comes My friend.”

my will is not always holy, but Yours can be nothing less than passionately Perfect. As I pray, please move me far from that which hinders the working out of Your wonderful sovereign Will on Earth and in me, as it is flawlessly executed in Heaven. When seen through Your Eyes, my desires are as dirt and ashes, but Your good and perfect Gifts are far better than fine and precious gold.

Faithful and Loving Father,
please teach me to pray with all the passion that Your sovereign Will deserves and desires. Help me to be faithful in seeking Your Face and Your Friendship in every moment we spend together throughout all Eternity.
How I long to resonate the “Amen” to all Your Prayers.

On being an answer to prayer
Father God,
I want to wipe the tears of those who weep before You. May my prayers be not so small, so silent, that I fail to hear their cries. Please overflow my heart with the grace of Your Compassion as You orchestrate the opportunities of each day. May my intercessions and personal involvement with these help advance hope and comfort, and bring You glory and joy.

God of the angel armies,
please make me dangerous in the activity of prayer – storming the gates of Hell with praise and intercession followed by faith-filled action to advance Your Kingdom here on Earth.
Please give me a heart that is teachable, flexible, available, and willing to endure hardship and discipline.
For Your Honor and Glory I passionately plead…

Father God,
we rise to press back satanic enemy forces who imprison and guard those who are blinded by and bound to their painful experiences. Holy Father, stir their hearts so completely that they burst into holy flames of mercy, love, and forgiveness, melting the mortar of bitterness that has been used to erect massive walls of division thereby holding them hostage to the cruel wardens of anger and resentment. May eyes be opened to recognize the true adversary of our souls and crush him with the overwhelming power Gift of divine Love – readily available to all who will receive and offer it.
May this prayer rise before Your Throne of Grace casting Light to expose the sinister powers and principalities who ceaselessly strategize to initiate and sustain conflict where You desire to establish the blessing of unity and ordain peace.
May vast multitudes of transforming hearts resolve to live on Your Altar for the purpose of generating dynamic, world-changing prayers accompanied with deeds of love so pure and holy that they perfectly humiliate the councils of darkness and bring You great honor and joy.

Father God,
whether my heart is heavy or whether it is light, and regardless of any circumstance I may ever face, I desire that my praises rise before You with such resounding and enthusiastic determination that the enemy of our souls is completely silenced – that his voice may not be heard by me or by those I love.

Lord God,
You are my Light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? You are the Strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the enemies of my soul rise against me they will stumble and fall, cursed and crushed under the Power of Your Holy Word and the Glory of Your awesome Majesty. Though a multitude should come against me, I will cling tightly to Your mighty Hand, pursuing the Peace found only in Your Presence. Though war should rise against me in the spiritual and physical realm, in You I will remain confident. For all kingdoms of this world will soon crumble and utterly fall that Your Power, Splendor, and Justice may be displayed. For this, the expansion and manifestation of Your Kingdom, Lord God, we labor in prayer and faith-filled action with all diligence.
Maranatha. Maranatha. Come quickly, Lord.
(Inspired by Psalm 27:1-3)

Father God,
we plead for the utter destruction of every stronghold of the enemy of all souls. Simply Breathe, Lord, Your incomparable power - gentle, fierce, and awesome causing demonic fortresses to crumble as dust - releasing captives to discover true joy and freedom in loving, serving, and praising You. Make all dangerous in prayer for Your honor and the advancement of Your eternal Kingdom.
So be it, and so be it!

Break our hearts, Holy Father. May we be deeply moved by what causes Your Tears to flow. Daily renew our passion for those who must live with the terror and uncertainty that shatters too many memories, too many potentials, and too many dreams. May our lives be spent in faith-saturated prayer and action – guiding vast multitudes into Your Presence for the healing of every painful wound.

Father Lord,
please pour out Your tender Love upon all who are lost, lonely, or hurting. Please embrace them so tightly that they feel, see, and hear only You. Please surround them with intercessors and Your children possessing excellent Wisdom that they may speak Truth and help guide these deeper into Your awe-inspiring Presence.
Grant them gifts to discern that which is good and that which is evil, that which is holy and that which is profane. May NOTHING hinder or diminish the purposeful design for which You created them, as You work all things for our eternal good.

Father God,
I want to serve You in raising up a people dangerous in prayer. As I fast, may my countenance radiate Your Glory. May I be invisible as You are magnified. May You Alone be recognized and glorified. Empower all Your people as they seek to accomplish Your sovereign Will on Earth as it is in Heaven, for Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12 NIV

Father God,
I plead for a fierce explosion of prayer and praise to rise from the hearts of Your servant-soldiers, advancing against the councils of darkness that haunt the spiritual battlefields of Earth. Pour into us a relentless desire to pursue Your Truth and Holiness, regardless of the personal cost. May we be willing to sacrifice time, energy, personal resources, and even our lives for the advancement of Your glorious eternal Kingdom.
May our hearts be inclined toward You and toward Spirit-guided intercession for all people as we walk through the responsibilities of each day, and even as we sleep. May our dreams be marked by Your Presence and Purposes.
Grant us Discernment and Wisdom in all our prayers that every intercession may be effective and fruitful.
May our fierce compassion for the lost and those who are hurting be as a strong force of faith-filled action that perfectly humiliates the forces of the enemy of our souls. May the hearts of all humanity desperately desire to receive the authentic love You offer and respond with great appreciation and adoration.
May our sole ambition be to see You honored as we submit our lives to You that You may fulfill Your Plans for this age both within us and through us.

Father God,
please do what it takes to move us from the weakness of complacency or indifference to rise up as a strong force on the spiritual battlefield of prayer – advancing Your Kingdom by Your mighty and glorious Power. May the church be moved from off the pews and into the trenches to take a firm stand against every sinister strategy of the devil who advances across the face of the Earth that You created - diligently and purposefully stalking human hearts - relentlessly seeking to utterly destroy all who do not take refuge in You.
Father God, Your Name is a strong Tower and all who run to It are safe.
Move us far from idleness and idolatry to take a firm stand against this evil force of darkness whose completely oppressive dictator rules the world in this present age.
May the church rise to claim and adorn themselves with every piece of Your armor, wearing it at all times, whether waking or sleeping, for the purpose of standing firmly… wearing the strong and beautiful belt of Truth… the body armor of Your Righteousness… our feet covered with the Gospel of Peace that they may run into all places and palaces to declare Your Truth with all boldness… lifting high the strong shield of faith in order to deflect and destroy every flaming missile that is launched by the evil one, protecting every thought with the beautiful helmet of salvation, and fiercely wielding the sword of the Spirit, which is Your holy and wonderful Word.
May we be moved to pray at all times with every form of prayer and supplication in the Spirit, constantly vigilant and persevering to the very end.
With every breath that You grant us, may we live to love - and even die - to declare Your Fame and Glory to the very end of this present age.
For the honor of Your wonderful Name, we pray…
(Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18)

Father God,
may we recognize those who are lost, wounded, and dying as gifts of love that we, through diligent prayer and faith-filled activities, may help deliver into Your eternal Kingdom. May we feel their pain, comprehending their despair. Move us into the fields to demonstrate Your fierce and faithful Love while leading them firmly, yet gently, into The Hope of Your Calling.

Be careful!
Watch out for attacks
from the Devil,
your great enemy.
He prowls around like
a roaring lion,
looking for some victim
to devour.
Take a firm stand against him,
and be strong in your faith.
Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters
all over the world
are going through
the same kind of suffering
you are.
I Peter 5:8, 9 NLT
Father Lord,
may we be sober and ever vigilant of the agendas and activities of satan, the enemy of our souls. Grant us the ability to quickly discern his presence, and recognize his strategies and snares before we or those we love are trapped by them. So strengthen our faith and our hearts to stand firmly against him at all times and in all places. Help us to be faithful and faith-filled, seizing every opportunity to expose and thwart his sinister missions. May our prayers and activities be as a cup of cold water providing comfort and hope to the innocent victims of his terror throughout the world.

​​ Mighty King of kings,
Please keep me diligent and fierce in the warfare of prayer as You lead Your armies to victory. May this prayer continually resonate before Your Throne until my life is fully spent in the expansion of Your Kingdom and for the glory of Your Name.
Almighty God,
please keep us focused and faithful - with an attitude of prayer at all times. May every weakness fall away like heavy chains as we walk in total dependence upon the Power of Your awesome Might and in the Shadow of Your Majesty. Lead us always into spiritual battle, and may we always overflow with activities that spread the Knowledge of Your Love and Truth, and the Fragrance of Your Life into every place that You send us.
For Your Honor and Glory alone may we live and love and breathe and die…

Father God,
teach me to pray in terms that cannot be humanly measured. Please do not allow my personal limitations to diminish my faith in the possibilities attainable through Your Mighty Power moving in response to my God-honoring requests.

The LORD is near to all
who call on him,
to all who call on him
in truth.
​Psalm 145:18 ESV

​​ Father God,
how I long to see You honored and glorified here on Earth as You are in Heaven. I now plead that You raise up warriors of prayer – those dangerous to the strategies of satan, the fierce and relentless enemy of every human soul. Place these strategically in every church, community, and corner of Your world until all of Your children become sanctuaries of God-honoring prayer and passionate praise. May our intercessions and activities be exceedingly productive in the expansion of Your Kingdom until all of creation humbly acknowledges that You are Lord.
I am willing to go wherever You send me and willing to do whatever You ask.
Be my Strength and Vision. Open the doors wide, and guide me through each one – forcefully, if necessary, until I am completely obedient to Your Command.

Holy Father,
please teach us to pray. May Your Holy Spirit invade our intercessions and praises. May our intercessions and praises thus invade the territories of the enemy of our souls that Your Kingdom may be expanded and evidenced within the hearts and minds of all humanity.
Please guide us through the battlefield of prayer.
May all labors be for Your eternal Glory and satan’s perfect humiliation.
In the holy and wonderful Name of Jesus, we pray…

The LORD will command
His lovingkindness
in the daytime;
And His song will be with me
in the night,
A prayer to the God of my life.
Psalm 42:8 NASB

Lord God,
please open our eyes to discern battles of the unseen realm. Expose and help us to identify and avoid the subtle strategies of the enemy of our souls that we might not fall victim to the many snares he places along our pathways. Walk with us, indeed, go before us – preparing our way.
Enable us, through prayer and action, to remove such traps from the paths of others who do not yet have eyes to recognize them. Lead us all to and through the Light that scatters all darkness.
We lift our hearts and hands to engage in this great conflict, fully understanding that all Authority and Power for Victory flow from You and You Alone.
Father, for Your Honor and Glory we stand to fight in prayer...
Lord of Heaven and Earth,
please make me faithful and productive in prayer.
Please convict me ever so strongly of personal sin and give me a spirit that desperately longs to pursue a life of holiness.
Help me to quickly discern the spiritual needs of others – needs that threaten their eternal destinies or God-honoring potentials.
Keep me ever mindful that the enemy of our souls does not want us to repent or to pray; so please help me with the wrestlings that arise in my heart.
Please keep both my hands clinging firmly to the shield of faith and to The Cross that I not stoop for stones of condemnation, but keep me steady and diligent in labor that I may faithfully plant seeds of Love and Eternity that will help guide countless multitudes into Your Presence.
Please keep me vigilant and ready to take immediate intercessory action. Let there be no hesitation.
Please expose satan’s strategies against the prosperity of Your kingdom and use me to help thwart his evil plans.
Keep me ever faithful that others might see the value of prayer and be drawn into a deeper relationship with You, as well as a deeper appreciation for Your Kingdom Purposes.
When they had prayed,
the place where they were assembled
was shaken, and they were all
filled with the Holy Spirit
and began to speak God's message with boldness.
Acts 4:31 HCSB

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