I searched for a man among them who would repair the wall
and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land
so that I might not destroy it, but...
Ezekiel 22:30 HCSB

These prayers were birthed during a long, frustrating, infuriating, and heartbreaking season of involvement in the American political arena. As the corruption was exposed, we recognized that critical promises made by those we campaigned for were not being adequately addressed – and often were not addressed at all.

Officials would lash out in anger when knowledgeable constituents who worked hard to elect them asked important questions. Powerful special interest groups controlled executive, legislative, and judicial agendas – those funding our officials were dictating those who governed us. It was so bad that our own party was unable to get legislation out of committees and onto the floor for too many consecutive years. Political blogs arose to twist truth about issues and activities, and to destroy good people who had devoted their lives to serve God in the political realm. Our contacts throughout other states were having the same experience. It was frightening.
I became extremely depressed and angry as I observed our circumstances and fought to expose or reverse our course, and eventually chose to sever political ties to focus on prayer. I realized there is no political official or party that can turn this nation around.
Only Jesus! We desperately need Jesus!
The governments of this world are quickly merging as one – it’s in the Bible and in the news. Jesus and Biblical prophets told us these days would come. These are the days to which we are assigned. Let’s stand in the gap together… Let’s pray together,
for we have all come into His Kingdom
for such a time as this (Est. 4:14)…
When the foundations
are being destroyed,
what can the righteous do?
Psalm 11:3 NIV

Paul wrote to Timothy:

"I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them;
intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.
Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority
so that we can live
peaceful and quiet lives
marked by godliness and dignity.
This is good and pleases God our Savior,
who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.
For, there is one God and one Mediator who can
reconcile God and humanity—
the man Christ Jesus. He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone.
This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time."
1 Timothy 2:1-6 NLT

According to Foxe's Book of Martyrs,
Paul was beheaded at the orders of Roman Emperor Nero.

As the nations of the world fall,
may their citizens
fall into Your mighty Arms,
fall into Your awesome Love,
fall into Your splendid Holiness,
fall down at Your Feet,
and fall in love with You.

Father God,
I fall to my knees and lift my heart and hands to You. O my God, I am utterly ashamed; I blush to lift my face to You, for the sins of our nation are piled higher than our heads, and our guilt has reached to the heavens. Our entire history has been one of great sin. That is why our leaders and our people are at the mercy of nations armed with devastating nuclear arsenals and in control of resources we have come to rely on. We live in fear of violence in our streets, our classrooms, and even our homes. Terror assaults us within and beyond our borders.
Our national debt is so great that we have become the subjects of other nations.
We have been killed, captured, robbed, and disgraced, but we rely upon Your Grace. There remains a remnant interceding for our country and her citizens.
We continue to ignore Your Commands. We push Your Hand of protection and provision far from us, yet wonder why our government programs are insufficient. We are being punished for our rebellion, but no matter what the future holds, our punishment will be far less than we deserve, for we live to openly do detestable things.
O Lord God, You are just. We stand before You in our guilt and plead for Your mercy. O God, please do what it takes to turn our hearts back to You.
(Inspired by Ezra 9 and the daily news.)

King of all kings,
You ultimately crush the agendas of every nation, thwarting all their clumsy schemes. But Your Plan stands firm, unshakable forever. A nation that honors You will be saturated with blessings, but a nation that defies You and Your Commands will fall, victims of their own destructive decisions. You observe every individual, perfectly comprehending every thought, motive, and activity.
The combined weapons and nuclear arsenals of any and every nation are but a puff of smoke when compared to Your magnificent Power. They offer absolutely no protection, for unless You watch over us, every effort and expense is in vain.
But You are a Shield and Strong Defense to Your children, watching over those who fear You, those who rest in Your Eternal Unfailing Love. We depend upon You Alone to protect us. You are our Hope. Our citizenship is not of Earth, but instead is registered within the scrolls of Heaven, lives purchased by the precious Blood of Christ to Whom someday every knee will bow and declare glory and praise to our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed is His Name.
Let Your Kingdom come and Your holy and sovereign Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
(Inspired by Psalm 33 and Matthew 6)

Father God,
please raise up and release a multitude of courageous men, women, and children who will refuse to compromise their integrity as they seek to lead the people of all nations into Your holiness and righteousness. May the dangerous embers of complacency be completely consumed. May the hearts of Your people begin to beat with such passion that they fan the flames of Revival. May these flames spread as an irrepressible wildfire claiming the North, South, East, and West as they set the whole world ablaze. May the fragrance of this sacrifice rise as sweet incense before You and give You reason to Smile.

Father God,
during this election season, we humbly come before You and ask that You impart Your divine Words of Wisdom and Revelation to and through those candidates who will turn the hearts of the people back to You. Guide and guard their every thought, word, and emotion that they may continually reflect the fruit of Your Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Protect these from every assault from the adversary, satan, that their vision, Your Vision, may be clearly communicated throughout the course of every day. We ask that Your Light shine through their countenance and conduct, exposing and dispelling all darkness. May the motto of our nation once again reflect the hearts of our people, In our God we will eternally trust.

America’s Invitation for Divine Judgment
Father God,
America has abandoned You, forsaken Your Laws, and the vast majority, even in the church, do not recognize the dangers we face now and in the very near future. They do not understand that when our laws are altered to placate the demands of cultural movements by a minority of the people, we become the subjects of those who make these demands. “Bargains” are made with those who commit violence, and so the people of our land walk about in danger and fear. Far too many manipulate governmental processes to satisfy insatiable appetites for power or wealth.
Inasmuch as a fear of You is the beginning of Wisdom, Wisdom has been abandoned, as many strive to exalt selfish ambitions and sensual cravings above all else.
Seizing authority, many violate the will of our people, thus crafting anarchy by personal design. As these pound their gavels, they crush the foundation upon which our nation was established.
Many disregard or have never read the Bible upon which they took their oaths of office. This moves me to tremble. The citizens are guilty as well. You shall require all people to give an account in accordance with Your unalterable Eternal Edicts which many deem outdated and irrelevant.
I praise You for Your abundant Mercy which has, thus far, spared our nation, yet because You are just and created our right to “choose” will allow us to invite and participate in our perfect (and just) Judgment which always begins with the church.
As we have rejected Your Blessing and Light, the powers of darkness have entered and taken possession of the land. Yet as this kingdom collapses, and clearly will soon fall, I cast the eyes of my heart upon Your Eternal Purposes and Your Kingdom which cannot be shaken. I praise You for this Hope that You have planted so firmly and deeply within me.

Lord God,
we plead that our nation’s leaders cry out in desperate desperation for authentic Justice and Righteousness  to saturate every corner of this earthly kingdom. May they desire to judge Your people in a manner that honors You and respects the rights of all citizens. Move their hearts to defend the poor, the weak, and the helpless, to rescue the children and those who have no one to defend them - and to punish their oppressors. May they stand boldly to save these from violence because their lives are precious to You.
May their time in office be as refreshing as springtime rains.
May the people always pray for them and bless them. May the godly flourish during this season. May there be abundant prosperity. May all nations be blessed through them. May all people on Earth know that You are our God! Let the whole Earth be filled with Your glory!
(Inspired by Psalm 72)
King of Kings and our Holy Father,
for the leaders of all nations we pray that they not multiply their fortunes while in office and that their hearts not be turned by bribes.
May their families enjoy strong unity, favor, protection, and the blessing of Your Presence.
May they desire to maintain Your Word near their hearts at all times, meditating on it day and night, that they may learn to honor You with extreme reverence and be careful to observe all the Words that You have commanded.
May their hearts not be lifted above the citizens of the nations that they represent.
May they not turn to the right or to the left, but follow You with all of their energies, thereby leading people throughout the world into Your magnificent Presence.
(Inspired by Deuteronomy 17:14-20)

Father God,
thank You for Kingdom patriots – those who refuse to allow Your Light to be diminished by the encroaching darkness within our nation’s government. We ask that You grant them, and us, Wisdom, Courage, and Favor as the alarm is sounded throughout America.
Lord, we praise You for opportunities to instruct our citizens regarding the Truth of our God and of our nation’s accurate history. Please guard these opportunities that satan not gain any advantage, but rather that his deceptions be perfectly exposed.
Open the eyes of Your people to the multitude of lessons from the past and to the warnings You speak to every nation through Your holy Word. Draw all men to You by the Power of Your Spirit as we diligently labor to do Your Work and Your Will on earth as it is in Heaven.
For Your honor and glory alone, do we lift up this prayer…

God presides over Heaven’s court. He pronounces judgment on the judges pursuant to His unalterable Truth and eternal Edicts. Because the leaders walk in darkness, the whole world is shaken to the core. God will rise up and judge the entire earth – all nations will give an account to Him Alone. There are no appeals against His Verdicts for they are always final and just. His royal decrees cannot be changed. The nature of His reign is holiness forever.
(Inspired by Psalms 82 and 93)

Father God,
we ask that those who guide our nation’s government and churches completely comprehend Your Will for their lives that they might be effectual in their leadership. May they enthusiastically pursue all Wisdom and spiritual Understanding that they may walk before You, fully united with Your Plans and Purposes, always striving to honor You with their personal motives and actions. May they be fruitful in all their labors that honor You, continually increasing in their knowledge and experience with You. Please strengthen them with all might, according to Your glorious Power, that they may have the patience and endurance required for their responsibilities.
May their hearts, and ours, be filled with thanksgiving for all past, present, and future blessings that we enjoy from Your Hand.
Thank You for Your freedom that we may enjoy despite our personal or national circumstances, Freedom that originates from You and flows from Your Throne of Grace and Mercy.
In the Wonderful Name of Jesus, we pray…

The people of our nation defy You. We do not regard Your power and holiness. We do not remember the faithful blessings You have so richly lavished upon us. We have cast aside Your Law, rejecting It to embrace the edicts of man. O God, please forgive us.
You are The King who sits enthroned forever, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. It is You who sustains us – granting us breath and blessing. It is You we desire to obey. You will judge every nation, every king, every citizen, and every spirit. It is Your Rule of Law that consumes every human code. It is the Sacrifice of Jesus our Messiah, and our personal choice as to whether we’ll accept the free Gift of Salvation that determines whether we will be eternally justified or eternally condemned. For Heaven and Earth will all pass quickly away, yet Your Truth and our choice stands firm as a witness for us or against us forever.

Clearly expose that which violates Your statutes and commands, inviting Your judgment upon individuals and nations. Open the eyes of every human heart that they might clearly recognize You. Pierce all hearts, give them no rest, as You turn them to Your Holy Word.
We ask that the strategies of the enemy be hurled back upon him by the power of Your mighty outstretched Arm. Crush every counsel and influence of darkness!
May Your Message of love and justice light every corner of Your creation. May Your people burn with desire to lead others into a knowledge of the Truth.
Grant Your servants favor, Lord.
Guard the hearts and minds of the children – please stand between them and the destructive invitations of the enemy.
Make bold the hearts of those who seek You that we may take a public stand for what is right and good; keep complacency far from us.
Turn us away from every influence that seeks to diminish our reverence of You.
Grant favor upon the labors and laborers of righteousness, but may You alone be seen in all their efforts.
Convict all as they retrieve information or seek entertainment from television, radio, libraries, bookstores, the Internet and other resources – may they feel a sense of revulsion over all that is vile.
O Mountain Mover, move the mountains of human hearts that You may receive the honor and glory and reverence due Your holy Name.

Commander and King of all kings,
to You, O Lord, someday every knee will bow and exalt You as King of all glory, but until then, we are also subject to the authority of human governments. Please unite Your people to become a mighty army of spiritual warriors, ever vigilant and diligent in guarding the souls of those who lead the nations. Bind them and their families to our thoughts each day, as we participate in the forceful expansion of Your Kingdom here on earth until we are with You in Heaven.

We stand in agreement with all who are praying holy prayers for governments throughout the world.
As Aaron and Hur supported the arms of Moses, we lift up our hands and hearts to support public officials who are standing for Your Righteousness and Truth.
We all grow weary or discouraged, Father, when oppressive darkness surges against us.
But You are the Light Eternal.
As we wait on You, You will carry us as on eagle’s wings, and we will ever praise You for Your tender, faithful Presence.
Let Your Kingdom come and Your holy, sovereign Will be done here on earth…

Tim and Melissa Ann
View of Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial.

We cry out for every leader in every nation. Please turn their hearts and minds like water. May they desire You more than riches, power, or fame. May the people of all nations tremble at the sound of Your glorious Name, at the thought of Your glorious Splendor… May Your Word go forth like a mighty rushing river forcing back the tide of evil that seeks to destroy all throughout the earth.
How we long for the day when every knee bows and every tongue declares that You, and You alone, are King to the glory of our Father.

Father God,
open wide the gates of Heaven and rain down Your Blessings upon all who passionately long to see You honored and glorified throughout the Earth. Lord, we labor in prayer and faith-filled action to hold secure the blessings of liberty for our children, and their children that we might advance the Gospel without further restriction. Clearly direct Your servants as You open the doors before them. Grant them Favor. Give them Your Thoughts, Your Plans, Your Words to speak – Words that will draw those who are lost into a relationship with The Only One and Awesome God Who reigns over every king and every kingdom. Place the multitudes before them, and grant their audiences ears to hear. May countless broken and surrendered hearts be offered into Your healing Care.
This prayer is offered for the advancement of Your holy Kingdom and Your Glory. May it resonate before Your Throne until Your Purposes on Earth are complete.

Please give our military leaders special strategies for battle… Grant our troops boldness to face the enemy… Protect them from all forces of evil… Guard their hearts and minds, drawing them into Your presence… May they be drawn into Your Word, and enjoy divine Vision and Revelation...
Be with each family member in a special way during times of separation… When they are lonely, embrace them… When grieving comes, fill them with Your divine Presence… May they fully enjoy Your Peace that surpasses all human understanding…
May the people of our nation fully realize that victory depends not upon our military might, but rather upon our obedience and dependence upon You…

I pray for the people of all nations - may their eyes be opened to see Your Glory and their hearts unveiled to comprehend the depth and breadth and height of Your wonderful Love… May their hands be lifted in adoration of Your great Majesty and their knees bowed down as they contemplate Your Holiness… May they desperately desire and pursue Your Righteousness, Wisdom, and Truth… May they strive for Integrity and Virtue in both their public and private lives… May their mouths not cease to declare Your Praise and their feet run swiftly into all places to bring others into Your excellent and eternal Kingdom.

Heavenly Father and Lord of all Eternity,
as oppression and persecution increase ~ as leaders and nations of this world rise, and their peoples face physical death because they love Your holy Name, we will choose to trust You and Your eternal Plan for Your creation. We will pray for all and keep our eyes focused on You. We cling to the Promise of Your eternal Presence, fully understanding that You will someday hold a Universal Supreme Court, presiding as Judge over every soul. Every decision will be just. Those who were slandered and slain for Your cause will be vindicated. Their innocence and righteousness will shine as the stars in the firmament. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that You are Lord and King to the glory of the Father. You are The Alpha and The Omega. All hearts will bow in reverent fear of Your dreadful Power, radiant Majesty, perfect Holiness, magnificent Wisdom, and infinite Love. Please, help my family and friends and all Your children to stand strong, holding fast to You, and inspire them to lead vast multitudes who currently walk in darkness into Your Light and Love.
(Inspired by Psalm 37)

Father King,
please raise up leaders after Your Own Heart, and spend them fully according to Your sovereign Will. As David, may they passionately seek You... As Esther, may they be willing to die for the Cause of Your Kingdom… As Daniel, may they be filled with Wisdom… As Solomon, may they administer Justice... Lord, grant these favor in our land that many hearts might be turned to You and our nation enjoy spiritual peace and spiritual prosperity that feeds the souls of many starving peoples.
For Your honor and glory may we stand and faithfully pray…

Melissa Ann leading pledge at presidential forum.

Executive – Legislative – Judicial branches of government
raise up leaders whose first priority and passion is You…
May they be deliverers from evil spiritual forces…
Help them hold fast to their integrity, refusing to compromise…
May the blessing of Your sacred Presence attend them moment by moment
while awake and as they sleep…
Quiet the distractions of each day that they may hear Your Voice…
Keep them perfectly obedient to Your leadership that they might lead
our nation’s people, and the people of other nations, back to You…
Fully protect them from every strategy of the enemy of all souls…
Keep their families wholly united, safe, and healthy…
Protect their hearts…
Place strong conviction upon those who seek to distort Your design…
Grant special favor to those who seek
Your wisdom and righteousness…

Legislation and Litigation
Please hinder all activity that opposes Your Authority and Commands…
Advance Your cause for this nation…
While I ask You to protect
our religious freedoms,
I trust You as You awaken the church
to the dangers we face
because of our complacency.
Protect the unborn children
and all who are oppressed…
Grant favor to all who seek to advance Your Kingdom Will…
Confuse and confound the efforts
of all who oppose You…
Let Your Light shine, piercing all darkness,
that Truth may be revealed,
while drawing vast multitudes to You.

May all officials be driven
to read the Bibles upon which
they took their oaths of office...
Please grant them a passion
for Your Word
and Wisdom from Your Word...

Lord God Almighty,
please draw our nation’s leaders very close to You. May they be moved to give You the respect and adoration rightfully due Your holy Name. Please guard their thoughts and every intent of their hearts. May they earnestly desire Your Friendship and the Revelation of Your sovereign Will. Bless them and the people of our nation with a purpose that is holy, a vision that is just, and unity that seeks to honor Your Name through our love for You and for one another.
May both Christians and non-Christians
be drawn to God-honoring leaders…
May Christians be fervent and faithful
in their prayers
for our nation’s leaders and citizens…
Strip complacency far from us…
Open our eyes to clearly recognize
the blessings we’ve taken for granted
and the knowledge of all we could lose
if we are not diligent in prayer
and obedience….
Place overwhelming conviction upon us
that we become fully obedient
in our responsibility to our God,
and government…

Lord God,
place Your Hand upon all citizens and strangers within this nation, giving us singleness of heart in obeying the orders of those leaders who love Your Commands – those who seek to lead the people back to You. May our eyes be fully opened to our sin and its current and potential consequences that we not only confess with our mouths, but fully repent with our hearts and lives. May our leaders seek You with their whole hearts that You might prosper their way, that the people of this and every nation might recognize Your Hand of blessing upon them – a testimony to Your holy Nature, Justice, and Might.
(Inspired by 2 Chronicles 30:12, 22 and 31:21)
we lift up all who choose to stand in opposition to our faith and nation. We ask that Your Light shine in the midst of their darkness guiding them to You, Lord God. Grant them the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened, that they may know the hope of Your calling, the riches of the glory of Your inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of Your power  toward those who believe, according to the working of Your mighty power which You worked in Christ when You raised Him from the dead and seated Him at Your right Hand in heavenly places, FAR ABOVE ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS AND MIGHT AND DOMINION, AND EVERY NAME THAT IS NAMED, NOT ONLY IN THIS AGE BUT ALSO IN THAT WHICH IS TO COME.
Father, we ask this for Your blessing, honor, and glory – that You might enjoy the praises of their lips and lives.
We ask it in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Father God,
so as it rains, pour out Your Holy Spirit across our land and into the hearts of her people – Your people. God, rain down Your Righteousness – let it flow like a mighty raging river, washing away injustice, bringing forth Truth, Faith, Compassion, and Passion for You, Your Word, and Your Law, which is written in Love.
God, we ask that Your Hand of blessing rest upon Your anointed leaders as they seek to shine Your Light into the darkness of the political realm.
For Your Honor and the expansion of Your Kingdom we commit this prayer.
Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power
belong to You, O God, Who sits on The Throne
and to The Lamb forever and ever.
With the four living beings we cry, “Amen!”
We fall down before You in worship.
Father, we come boldly before Your Throne of Grace,
and ask that You blanket our nation with Your Presence.
We plead that great enthusiasm rise up
among all who desire to honor You
and that it manifest itself in a national and international revival
and the pursuit of Righteousness among all leaders and citizens.
Expose the agendas of all who seek personal power.
Father, please close all doors to their leadership,
that they might not lead others astray.
Do what it takes to cause their hearts to bow before You
in perfect reverence.
Raise up leaders who desire that Your Commands be exalted
and obeyed.
Draw God-reverent citizens into the political process
that our nation may be preserved by righteousness,
serving as a light for all nations.
Please open doors of opportunity for these.
May all error and complacency among Your people fall away
as heavy chains.
We seek this for the future benefit and blessing
of our children and their children,
and that others might see our zeal for Your Kingdom cause,
and follow willingly
into the pathway of Your desired holiness.

Lord and King over every nation,
without You as the acknowledged sovereign over any government we become subjects to the ever-changing, self-motivated, and self-serving concepts of those who are in authority.
You do not change - remaining ever-faithful to Your eternal Promises, establishing Your Decrees for the common blessing of all people from the greatest to the least.
We acknowledge that there is ONLY one God, for multi-god concepts invite chaos to a world You have clearly established in perfect order. The chaos we must contend with is the consequence of our selfish sin and rebellion.
As the kings and kingdoms of the world rapidly position themselves for their fall, help us to keep our eyes completely focused on You and Your eternal Purposes which cannot be shaken, that we might not be afraid – and that we might encourage others throughout  the perilous times to come (Matt. 24; 2 Tim. 3).
Pour out Your Holy Spirit, Lord, upon all flesh. Rend the heavens and complete Your Work on Earth that we might forever dwell with You in the vast expanse of Your heavenly places.
In all places and at all times - Lord, be glorified!

Father God,
please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon this nation, drawing Your people from the North, South, East, and West. Unite our hearts as one, beating with fervent uncompromising passion, desiring only to magnify Your Name that is above every name that will ever be named. We ask that an obsession for Righteousness manifest itself deep within the hearts of all who lead our every public and political assembly, that the hearts of this people might once again be turned toward You. Expose all who advance their personal causes with selfish and deceptive motives, and grant our citizens discernment to recognize Your warnings of Judgment. May their eyes be opened to understand and deeply reverence The Truth, which cannot be altered by human design. May this prayer fervently and forcefully resonate before Your Throne as we diligently labor to advance the fulfillment of this petition.

Abortion Industry
Father God,
those being destroyed daily are Your children, the work of Your Hands, the treasure of Your Heart… By the Power of Your Holy Sprit, breathe upon the people of Your world… Give birth to a passion for these helpless, innocent babies who are being mercilessly and violently slaughtered as lambs and tossed into trash pails or sold under the guise of medical research. Yet the price You paid for their lives was great –  the violent sacrifice of the Savior/Son. Breathe upon the hearts of those promoting this atrocity –  haunt them with Your holiness. Breathe upon the hearts of those who work in this industry –  disturb them day and night. Breathe upon those within the political realm who package and sell this violent agenda for profit and power – at the cost of their very souls. Hover over them – convict them and bring them to their knees, fully repentant. Release them from the power of the enemy who holds them captive to do his will. May they recognize the heavy chains of their slavery  and seek You for their freedom. Grant favor to those who fight for this - Your cause. Open blind eyes, and grant spiritual discernment to deaf hearts.
Your Word correctly states these are fearfully and wonderfully created. May the church recognize the Judgment that is falling upon our nation because of their cries and their blood. Move us to act – today, in this moment. Let the church rise.

we unite our hearts and rise to call forth all that You desire to do through this election. Please ignite a burning desire to pursue righteousness at every level of government. We stand against every demonic principality and power in heavenly places seeking to exalt itself above You and Your Will. We stand against all activities that You have declared as evil, those which destroy individuals, families, and nations.
Raise up leaders willing to follow You and a people willing to follow also that we might be recognized by all nations for our justice and virtue, respect for all human life, and passion for knowing You. Because of this, Sovereign Lord, may the kings and citizens of all kingdoms recognize Your Power and Light and bow their hearts in solemn reverence for the Wonder that You Are.
In every nation, Lord, be glorified…
A beautiful palace
does not make a great king.
A black robe and gavel
does not make a judge just.
A tall steeple
does not make a church a sanctuary.
A church filled with members
and money 
does not make a preacher a shepherd.
A large bank account
cannot make a person truly rich.
A good job
cannot make an individual secure.
A higher education
does not guarantee wisdom.
does not make someone a leader.
A long life does not mean
that one has lived their life well.
God & Government