The friendship of the LORD
is for those who fear him, and
he makes known to them his covenant.
Psalm 25:14 ESV
You are my friends
if you do what I command you.
John 15:14 ESV

I long to be so near to You that I can taste the Tears that You weep for Your beloved who are lost, lonely, diseased, oppressed, dying… I want my love for You to drive me into the world to comfort and protect them, bind up physical and emotional wounds, spending myself to satisfy their hunger and thirst. I long to hold them as they breathe their last breaths, as You receive them into Your peaceful Presence. I want to help gather them, to help draw them into Your heart. This is Your Desire. This is Your Delight. Here I am, Lord. That’s what true friends are for.

Father God,
I desire to help bear Your burden for those who are lost deep within the darkness of this world. May my intercessions and activities ceaselessly and enthusiastically strive for their deliverance that You may receive, enjoy, and celebrate their appreciation and adoration as they bow before Your glorious Throne of holy Grace.
The Lord isn’t really being slow
about His promise to return,
as some people think.
No, He is being patient for your sake.
He does not want anyone to perish,
so He is giving more time for everyone to repent.
2 Peter 3:9 NLT
do not allow me to wander from Your Presence. Please cause my soul to long for, even thirst for You at all times and in all places as a stranger traveling in a vast desert.
Do not allow me to wander from Your Commands for they instruct me how to live a holy and fruitful life that will honor You, my family, and friends.
Do not allow me to wander from Your Plans for me for the journey of life is a great mystery. I cannot see into tomorrow that I might know which road to travel but can only find my way by clinging firmly to Your nail-scarred Hand which guides me.
O God, thank You for Your nearness. I find my joy in loving and following You.
Holy Father, please prepare my heart and mind to receive all that You desire to teach me today.
Fuel my passion that I may worship You more fervently.
Fuel my vision that I may see You more clearly and serve You more faithfully.
Fuel my courage to meet the spiritual and physical challenges of each new day.
Please have Your way within this heart of mine as You refine me in the Fires of Your holy Love.

O God,
You are in all places.
You witness every tear that falls;
indeed, they all roll down Your Cheeks
as Your Heart breaks and yearns
for Your creation.
May the thoughts that I think
and things that I do
bring joy to Your Heart
and a smile to Your Face.

Father God,
as we close our eyes to sleep we continue our thoughtful efforts to draw near to You. As we rest quietly in Your Presence be the essence of our every dream. Please do not cease to speak to us, revealing Yourself and Your Will in every moment so that our dedication to You and Your Cause might increase as we endeavor always to remain faithful as servants, children, and friends of The Living Holy God. Please protect us from every assault of satan and his demonic forces which rises against us, for they do not respect anything about us or our activities. May our thoughts dance with delight over the wonder of Your excellent Majesty as we give You honor and praise even as we dream.

Oh God,
You pour out Yourself before us, pleading for our friendship, yet for the most part, we spend our attentions and affections on the fleeting treasures of human design. Please bind my heart to passionately pursue the splendor of Your Presence, Majesty, and Wisdom. I want to laugh with You, weep with You, sing with You, die for You. How I long for You to be everything I long for, everything I live for.




Faithful Father, Faithful Friend,
I want to taste Your Tears,
to feel Your Pain, to know Your Grief,
to share it as Your friend.
For You are near the brokenhearted,
and that’s where I want to be too…
to be Your Hands, Your Feet, Your Heart
to show the world a Love that’s True.
Faithful Father, Faithful Friend,
I want to feel You Smile,
to make You Laugh and long to Dance,
delighting in this child.
For You have filled my life with blessings,
I cannot count their cost,
but You’re my greatest Treasure,
expressed upon a Cross.


Friendship with God