For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish
but have everlasting life.
For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,
but that the world through Him might be saved.
John 3:16 & 17 NKJV
...there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner
who repents and returns to God
than over ninety-nine others who are righteous
and haven't strayed away!
Luke 15:7 NLT


Father God,
there are so many people in the world - people we love – who continue to push the Truth away. We want so much for them to comprehend the magnitude of Your Faithfulness - and for You to enjoy their love and friendship. Bind them firmly within our hearts that we do not cease to pray for them, and grant us opportunities to minister to their needs. Please haunt them with doubts regarding the false doctrines they’ve embraced. Surround them with Your servants who will lead them into Your holy Presence and Truth. Flood their lives with Your holy Light, clearly exposing all darkness. May they eagerly choose the pathway of Life and enjoy Friendship in knowing You.
And Father, please haunt them with Your holiness. Give them no rest until they bow their hearts in reverent worship.
For Your honor and their salvation, I pray…

we ask that You draw the lost to Jesus ~ vast multitudes throughout the earth. Pursue them, causing them to recognize Your Voice above the voice of the enemy, above the noise of every distraction, above the lure of every deception…
Please bind the spirit that blinds their minds and loose the Spirit of Adoption into their hearts so that they cry, “Abba Father!” ~ connecting with You in a Father and child relationship.
May other believers cross their paths and enter into positive, life-enriching relationships so that these distance themselves from their past to run the race of life with those who will strengthen and prepare them to lead others from the darkness.
Please release the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation upon them so that they may know You, pursue Your Wisdom, and desire to execute Your sovereign Will throughout the remainder of their earthly and Eternal destinies.
we praise You for Your Righteousness, Perfect Justice, and the knowledge that someday every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.
We unite our hearts with Yours, desiring that vast multitudes long to experience a dynamic relationship with You now - today.
Through the issues that confront us as a nation, may the fear of Your Judgments fall upon us so that many may find their way into Your Kingdom. May all understand the depth and breadth and height and the seriousness as to the Sacrifice made to demonstrate the magnitude of Your holy Love. We ask that Your Hand of Favor rest firmly upon all who tremble for our nation because of Your righteous Judgments and Your Word.
Lord, please grant us courage, wisdom, and tenacity to consistently confront the circumstances that rise before us. Throughout this difficult journey, may the world know that You Alone are the One True and Living God.

we unite our hearts with Yours, passionately desiring that no one perish, but that all be saved to abundant and everlasting life.
We pray fervently, calling the lost sheep, Your lost children, into Your Kingdom, standing against every destructive strategy and force of the enemy of all souls. Lord, flood these with Your holy Light, exposing all darkness. Draw them so powerfully that they find it exceedingly difficult to resist the fellowship of Your Presence.
Surround them with fierce warriors of worship who take ministry action at every opportunity.
May they find only You within every pathway.
May You be blessed with extravagant thanksgiving and praise as these enjoy and respond to a profound revelation of Your divine Love!
(Inspired by 2 Peter 3:9)

Lord of the Harvest,
I present myself for labor in Your fields. Please fill me with passion, compassion, tenacity, and purpose. I long to be faithful in gathering Kingdom seed that I may broadcast It in great abundance. May what is planted within me and within the hearts of others move so deeply into rich, fertile soil that it remains far beyond the reach of the enemy of all souls, and may it yield a harvest that cannot be humanly measured.
Break and pulverize each stony heart, creating a place for Your Word to take root and flourish. That which falls among the thorns, Lord, place their cares, riches, and pleasures into proper perspective. Create fertile soil in all barren places that all might rise up and bear abundant fruit so that You may be greatly honored, glorified, and adored.
(Inspired by Isaiah 55:10-11, Luke 8,
Matthew 10:38, and John 15:8)

Eternal Father,
throughout Your world this day and night hearts are breaking. May they crumble and become soft fertile soil so that every seed that has ever been planted for Your Kingdom may take solid root as You pour out Your Living Water upon their desperate and thirsty souls.
Please open their eyes that they may seek and clearly comprehend Your Wisdom and Your Will. Grant them the courage to forsake their pathways to faithfully follow You. Use us to seize their hands, Lord, leading them far from the brutal chains of the evil one who lives only to kill, steal, and destroy them. Post Your angels, intercessors, and Personal Presence around them, building an impenetrable fortress around their hearts.
Guide and guard their thoughts and motives.
Father Lord, we ask in the mighty Name of Jesus that their hearts quickly bow before You in adoration and celebration, for You are the Shepherd of all our souls.

Please Father God,
surround those who are lost in this world of darkness so they cannot take a single step that does not lead to You. Open their eyes that they may see Your eager open waiting Arms reaching out to embrace them. Close every door that might lead to their destruction. Please draw them into a pathway filled with those who will shed the Light of Your Love and Truth into their hearts and minds. With every breath may they inhale Your Holy Spirit, and may this prayer incessantly and forcefully resonate before Your Throne of Grace until they are safe within Your Kingdom.

“So shall my word be
that goes out from my mouth;
it shall not return to me empty,
but it shall accomplish
that which I purpose,
and shall succeed
in the thing for which
I sent it."
Isaiah 55:11 ESV

Father God,
please release Your Holy Spirit to rain down as fire, burning away every barrier that hinders those who are lost from recognizing and knowing You. Stir their hearts to take hold of You.
Expose every form of deception orchestrated by the enemy of our souls. May they have eyes to see that satan is real and seeks only to completely destroy them.
May all become desperate for the freedom You offer in Christ.
May all reject the counsel of the ungodly. Place Wisdom before them in ways that cannot be avoided. Speak to them day and night, even in their sleep so they clearly comprehend that You are deeply interested in every detail of their destinies.
We ask for all mountains within the hearts of humanity to be moved, crumbled, and cast into the sea that their vision may no longer be hindered by heights above or from depths below, but that all are laid bare, exposed before them.
We speak the wonderful Name of Jesus as a Banner over every lost soul, for at the Sound of this Name every demonic force must flee. We shout Your mighty Name and Truth over them.
May all Your earthly and eternal Purposes be recognized and embraced by these whom You have created to love You and to be loved by You.
May their praises be added to ours as we bow our hearts in adoration and celebration for the Wonder that You are.

You are the Lord God of Heaven and Earth.
Beside You, there is no other.
You reign Alone in great splendor,
and awesome majesty.
Please, tear open the skies
and flood the Earth with Your Presence.
Please cause Your Heavens to rain down –
let Your skies pour out Righteousness.
May the soil of hardened human hearts
be flooded with Your Presence and Love –
breaking open to receive and respond
to the sacrificial Offering
of Your salvation.
Let righteousness spring up together.
Lord, pour out Your Holy Spirit
upon Your people.    

Father God,
please open up Your skies and rain down Your righteousness. The people of the world are thirsty for holiness. May Your seed bear fruit in great abundance as righteousness springs forth in Your Strength and Power. You Alone are God who created and sustains all things. We live and long for Your honor and glory.
(Inspired by Isaiah 45:8, 5)

Father God,
You are so incredibly awesome!
Please ignite a flame of passion
for You, Your Word, and Your Will
within the hearts and minds of all humanity
as we seek a dynamic explosion
of expansion to Your glorious Kingdom today
and every day
until Your Work and Will are complete here on earth.
May it produce a blaze of enthusiasm so fierce
that it overwhelms the pre-defeated forces of Hell.
May multitudes multiplied by multitudes
turn their hearts to Your Kingdom Purposes
and lift their torches high –
faithfully igniting flames
within the hearts of all others who enter their pathways.
How we praise You for moments of destiny
obediently, boldly, and wholly embraced.
For Your honor and glory,
we bow down…

O Father,
I want the world to know the joy found only in Your Presence
that they might choose to receive Your Love
and to love You in return.
Please strengthen me for this cause
that I may help them to recognize Your Voice
as You cry out their names,
and to recognize the Sound of Your Footsteps
as You pursue them with Your Holiness.
Guide my heart and my prayers to shine Your Light
that illuminates their darkness
until we celebrate together
in Your eternal Presence…    

Father God,
I do not worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong. But because our bodies – and all things of this world will, like beautiful flowers, soon wither and die away, I desperately want all of humanity to know You so that they may enjoy the blessing found in loving and being loved by You. I desperately want them to escape the eternal torment they now choose.
O God, they are blind, pushing the Truth far from themselves.
I long for them to taste Your Presence so that they will know that You are real.
Father, You are mighty and cannot be held within the boundaries of human knowledge, understanding, or experience. The intricate workings of this world, even the entire universe, simply could never come into existence or be sustained by mere chance. You bring order from all chaos, whether in creation or within the circumstances of any human life fully surrendered to Your Will.
God, I love You so deeply, yet I am so unworthy and inadequate. Yet I am desperate to labor to turn the hearts of as many as will to You so that You may be highly exalted and greatly adored. I cling to this cause as I cling to You, as You desire and deserve the love of all Your creation.
(Inspired by Psalm 37:1-2)

Father God,
how I long to be consumed by a desperate desire that all people everywhere move not only to a saving knowledge of You, but that they also fiercely adore You with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strengths. I know that this is Your Will also, for You loved the people of this world You created so much that You sent Your only begotten Son, Jesus, from the splendors of Heaven into the dark domain governed by satan to suffer and die that the power of sin, death, and Hell be defeated. The merciful and tender God Incarnate, came to Live, Love, Die, and reveal the Victory of Resurrection so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but enjoy abundant life eternal.
O God, please move Your children to rise up and labor fearlessly and faithfully for this cause. May they study Your Word with all passion and discern the times and Your desires, and seize every opportunity for intercession and action to claim as many hearts as will turn to You for Your glorious Kingdom. May You be blessed by our service for this cause and greatly enjoy the love that all lavish upon You, for You are most worthy and wonderful.
In adoration, we humbly bow…

Oh Father God,
my life was saturated with sin, and yet You washed me in Your Blood and covered me with Your Holiness. Your nail-scarred Hands embraced me. The Breath of Your Spirit blew away the filth and ashes, granting me new life. You so loved the people of Your World that You sent and sacrificed Your Only begotten Son, that whoever chooses to believe in You may celebrate in Your glorious Presence throughout all Eternity. Such Knowledge is too wonderful for me. I cannot comprehend it! You did not come to Earth to condemn it - but to save it!
I desperately want all people to recognize Your Love as You draw them to Yourself, to experience the Freedom enjoyed by those who follow Your Ways, to fear the Judgments awaiting those who reject You - and to run to Your Throne of Grace, that they, too, may obtain Mercy in every time of need - for there is no condemnation awaiting those who trust in You.
I long for the people of the world to loathe the darkness - and eagerly desire to live in the splendor of Your great and glorious Light. O God, may countless multitudes rush gladly into Your waiting Arms and enjoy the Peace and Blessing that fill the souls of those who delight in You.
Please use me and spend me for this call, I plead…
(Inspired by John 3:10-21)

For the Lost