For we God's masterpiece.
    He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
    so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.    .
Ephesians 2:10 NLT

​​ O God, my Father,
there is no one and nothing that can be compared to You on Earth or anywhere throughout the vast expanse of the unseen and unknown Heavens. You are flawless and wonderful. You keep all of Your Promises and demonstrate Your unshakable Love to those who eagerly obey You.
It is my fervent desire to accomplish every task You place before me in a manner that will bless You and bring the highest honor to Your holy and glorious Name. Please firmly guide my every thought and activity that I not hinder Your Mission for my life.
May this prayer rise and resonate before Your Throne of Grace until I successfully fulfill the destiny for which I was designed by Your Desire…
(Inspired by 2 Chronicles 6:1-17)

Father God,
I delight in You, not that I may attain the desires of my heart, for You are my heart’s Desire. I commit all that I do to You, for I can do nothing of eternal consequence without You.
It is difficult to be still in Your Presence, waiting for You to act. I want to get out and labor in Your Kingdom fields, yet I recognize that in my zeal I might attempt to seize that which is not quite ready for Your harvest. Please help me to be patient as You direct my journey one step at a time. Your Word states that You delight in every detail of my destiny. Keep me steady within Your path, filled with faith and confidence that at Your perfect Time, my labors will honor You with a fruitful increase, for You have promised to give me the land.
(Inspired by Psalm 37)

Father God,
we ask that You give us a complete understanding of what You want to do in our lives. Please make us wise with spiritual wisdom so that the manner in which we conduct our lives will always honor and bless You.
We long to know You better with each passing moment.
We also pray that we are strengthened by Your glorious Power that we may have all the patience and endurance we need to run the race You set before us.
May our lives be filled with joy, even in times of great turmoil – always thinking of You, with thanksgivings and praises continually overflowing from our hearts.
As we labor for the expansion of Your Kingdom, may we fully rely on You, looking past our limited abilities to Your glorious infinite Power that works within us, for we desire only Your Love and Honor to be established and acknowledged among those You have created for Your glory.
In the mighty and wonderful Name of Jesus, we pray…

Father God,
I ask for a fresh revelation as to Your timing regarding the goals You have placed within my heart. Help me to more clearly perceive the sound of Your Voice – to know what to say and when to say it, what to do and when to do it, and when to be silent and wait.
I give to You a servant’s heart. Hold me fast within the boundaries of Your sovereign Will. May I not hinder what You desire to do within me or through me during the course of this or any day, for my desperate desire is to be wholly devoted to You.

please grant me a burden for the manner in which YOU choose to do Your Work and Your Will both within me and through me. Do not permit me to allow the criticism of others to hinder my obedience. Equipped with Encouragement from Your Word and from Your Presence, I fix my eyes on You and Your Arms open wide reaching for me at my Finish Line.

Father in Heaven,
You assign each person’s labors for the effective expansion of Your glorious Kingdom.
Please saturate us with an all-consuming passion to complete the mission for which we were each designed. As we work, may others see You and You Alone. May we not get in the way – blocking their vision or personal experience with You. May we decrease as You increase. May all hear Your Voice above our own and know that You are Faithful and True.
May we be filled with joy over the successes of others.
And Lord, thank You for every opportunity to serve and honor You.

My Lord and King,
You created the heavens, the earth, and all that is within them. From the tiniest molecule to the utmost star, each has its own purpose and destiny. Help me to respond to You with profound reverence at all times, for You see what I cannot see and know what I cannot know. You orchestrate my possibilities as I surrender and walk in obedience to Your sovereign Will.
Grant me the courage to follow through with each task, especially when I face opposition or distractions. May my efforts and person seem invisible as You are revealed and exalted in this world and in the heavens You have created.
May all be for Your blessing and honor alone…

Lord God,
in this and every day please grant us a tenacious resolve to resist every lure of the devil that would keep us from spending time with You and in Your Word or from living out Your sovereign Design and Desire for our lives.

Father God,
as we come before You in each new day, we ask that You strengthen our hands and our hearts to accomplish all that You desire to do both within us and through us. Yes, strengthen us according to Your Word that we may be able to stand strong, fight the good fight and finish the race You have set before us. Strengthen us in the inner man that every motive may honor You. Move us to glory in our weaknesses for therein Your strength is perfected within us. Strengthen us so that we are able to strengthen others.
Every breath for Your honor and glory and praise!

Father God,
we ask that a strong vision of the Destiny for which You designed us saturate every aspect of our being. May it rise up deep within our hearts that we may overflow with those activities that will bring Your Purposes and Plans to fulfillment.
With all our Love, we seek to honor You and make You famous throughout the earth…

Father God,
sometimes it’s difficult to discern Your Will. Please guide me into complete obedience as I surrender the details of my destiny to You. Refine my motives and keep me ever pure before You that I might serve You in a manner that will bring You honor and cause You to Smile.
Give me quiet confidence in the little things, patience in the obstacles, and faith that expects and explores all possibilities You desire to establish before me as I seek only to honor You, to make Your Name famous, and to forcefully advance Your Kingdom and righteousness here on earth.
With all my love I surrender every detail of my destiny to Your sovereign delight…

I understand that it is because of Your Wisdom that we can never know what the future holds. Yet one thing is certain, You will orchestrate every detail of our lives for our personal and eternal good – no matter how we feel about our circumstances. You know the future – the days You have planned for us. Therefore, I will choose to allow Your Love for me, my love for You, and my trust in You to fully consume every fear and anxiety that I may fully embrace Your Plans for me, and in doing so, may I bring Joy to Your Heart and a Smile to Your Face.