Connie's "TEST"imony

Needing to help with finances but not wanting to put Kristina in daycare, when their family moved to Houston, Connie cleaned homes and offices so that she could keep her toddler near at all times. Walking in darkness, not wanting her daughter to make the same mistakes with her life, she began desperately crying out to God.
He can take a seemingly uneventful event to generate a personal revolution...
She placed a cleaning ad on a grocery store bulletin board. When contacted to place a bid, a family invited her to try their church. In the eight years she'd known Tim, he had refused to visit any denomination other than the one he was raised in. Frustrated by the dissension within every church they had visited, he consented. 
The pastor was beginning a series on The Lord’s Prayer, teaching on Sunday and using this format on Wednesday nights for training in intercessory prayer. There, she connected with God as Father, and she was never the same.
She despised cleaning - it was difficult and dirty, requiring a tremendous amount of time and energy. Many tried to take advantage of her, and others were condescending. One day while in a very dirty bathroom, she pleaded, "If I am to continue this occupation, please fill me with joy." Within five minutes, while cleaning a toilet, she was driven to worship. 
A subsequent experience with God birthed a business ~ I AM Cleaning (Exodus 3:14). (Moses met God at a burning bush; He appeared to her while mopping a kitchen floor.) Since she didn’t have time to write lists, she was inspired to use her surroundings as a springboard for worship and intercessory prayer.
Since the emphasis of their church was prayer, what she learned there, and what she learned while cleaning, became the foundation for this project. And it will take the rest of her life to share a small portion of what she's learned since.
She shudders to think of where she might have led her own life if she had not chosen to become connected to Grace Community Church, and through it become connected to God. She shudders to think of what would have become of their children. Here, God supplied their greatest needs according to His great riches in glory (Phil. 4:19).
Profound appreciation for all who have poured into their lives…
Grace Community Church; Houston, Texas
         Pastor Steve & Becky Riggle
And special thanks to Jon & Sharon Aldrich!
They were the bid she mentioned above.
         Worship Pastor Roy and Darlene Hansen
Verbena Baptist
         Pastor Jimmy & Sherry Simpler
Clanton First Baptist
         Dr. Larry Michael
         Minister of Music Greg King
Church of the Highlands ~ Grants Mill & Montgomery
         Pastor Chris & Tammy Hodges
         Pastor Chris & Rachel Erwin
         Karol Hobbs & family
         Pastor Steve Blair, John Larson (Matthew & Kristina’s wedding)
This list could go on and on and on...
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."
Philippians 1:3 KJV 2000
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