But when He saw the multitudes,
He was moved with compassion for them,
because they were weary and scattered,
like sheep having no shepherd.
Then He said to His disciples,
“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.
Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest
to send out laborers into His harvest.”
Matthew 9:36-38 NKJV
Epaphras is mentioned briefly three times, described as wrestling in prayer – asking God to make the believers stand strong, certain of the will of God for them (Col 4:12).
May we join together,
following his example...

May the church be resurrected from the dead to discover new life in Christ. May we be set on fire as Paul and Silas, turning the world upside down.
When threatened because of our Christian commitment, please grant Your children great boldness to share Your Light, Your Love, and Your Truth. May we stretch out our hands of faith to heal bodies and hearts, performing signs and wonders through the Holy Name of Jesus.
As we pray, may the places where Christians assemble be shaken and filled with the Holy Spirit, that all may speak the Word of God with great boldness. May demonic fortresses collapse under the weight of Your excellent Glory.
(Inspired by the Book of Acts)

O Holy Father,
may a desperate passion for You and Your House consume us. We plead that a hunger and thirst for You overtake all Your children who walk in complacency. May vast multitudes seek You with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strengths. May we desperately desire Your Presence and Your Word at all times.
Lord God, please FLOOD Your sanctuaries with Light exposing every sin and false teaching. May Your children desire Your Presence and personal holiness more than mortal life itself.

we seek an explosion of fresh and creative ideas for serving You and for communicating Your life-giving Message to the world.
Please grant us the courage and tenacity to accomplish nothing less than all You desire in response to this prayer.
May You be high and lifted up – so greatly exalted.
With love, we fervently pray…

saturate the earth with Your holy Presence. Position angelic warriors to protect those devoted to making You famous, those sharing Your Light and Love and Truth. We stand against every demonic conspiracy to destroy or diminish the labors of authentic Christian ministry or to take away seeds that have been planted in the hearts of those belonging to You or those You are drawing.
Hear the cries of our hearts, our desperation, our adoration…
All for Your honor and glory and praise…

Father God,
throughout the course of this and every day, satan and his sinister minions incite people throughout every nation to draw others from the knowledge of Who You are and to keep them from enjoying a relationship with You. His vicious armies are well acquainted with the weaknesses of humanity and persistently cast their lures before all, caring not who they deceive or destroy. They draw children into sexual relationships or incite adults to molest children. They remove the Truth from before those who seek knowledge. They incite greed and rebellion and violence in every place. They desensitize Your people so that they do not take a stand for righteousness, nor do they pursue personal holiness. O God, the days are evil and our time on earth is short. Please surround these with those who are grounded in The Truth and committed to further Its expansion without compromise. We need this to be effective. We need this to honor You.

Please grant Your shepherds and Your sheep great Wisdom and Discernment to recognize every deception, distraction, or destructive strategy orchestrated by the enemy of all souls. Expose every savage wolf who seeks to lead Your children into pathways of darkness.
Unite all to stand together in worship, reverent prayer, and faith-filled action to advance against the councils of darkness.
May every pastor-shepherd recognize The Cross and The Precious Blood of Christ spilling over every soul in their care.
May they completely comprehend the seriousness of their calling – as each will be required to give an account before You.
Draw them close to Your Heart and bless them with Your glorious Power and Presence.
And we place them deep within our hearts, too, that we may be more faithful to pray for them and their families that they may enjoy great spiritual and physical protection, that they be guarded from every distraction and action that would diminish or destroy their spiritual prosperity, that their ministries might be marked with excellence, endurance, and the Power of Your Presence.
For the honor of Your holy Name, we pray…
(Inspired by Acts 4, 17, and 20)

May we not cease to pray for all who are being drawn to You and for all who truly love Christ, that we may be filled with the knowledge of Your Will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that our lives faithfully honor and please You, desiring to delight You in every way, bearing good fruit as we strengthen our knowledge of You and walk in relationship with You daily… May all be strengthened with power according to Your glorious might, walking faithfully with passionate patience, joyfully thanking You and singing praises to our Father who qualified us to share the inheritance of saints who live in the Light. Thank You for rescuing us from the darkness and transferring us into the Kingdom of The Beloved Son who with His Body and Blood purchased our freedom and forgave us of our sins.
(Inspired by Colossians 1:9-14)

Father God,
thank You for a Love that invites humanity to participate in Your Work here on Earth through fervent prayer and faith-filled action.
Thank You for the bond of unity enjoyed by vast multitudes of Your children and soldiers of prayer – many who have never met face to face, yet labor together side by side with all diligence for the advancement of Your Kingdom.
Thank You, Father, for the splendor of Your Plan – that You would birth by Your Spirit a family of God related through the Precious and Holy Blood of Jesus Christ. Thank You, Father, for the wonder of Your Power that moves beyond the realm of mere human possibilities to execute Your eternal Plans.
My heart bows in reverent wonder when I consider what manner of Love You have bestowed upon us that we should be called children of the ever-living, ever-loving, ever-faithful, ever-awesome Lord and King of all creation!

Father Lord,
unite us with one heart, mind, and purpose. May we be diligent in our pursuit of holiness that the enemy not penetrate any weakness. May the harmony of our lives be an example to others, desired by many, and fully pleasing to You.

Almighty God,
we ask that You renew our strength and increase our power as we wait upon You. Breath upon us with Your Holy Spirit lifting us up as on eagle's wings into spiritual realms as we soar, delighting in Your Presence. We seek to run the race You have set before us with energy, endurance, and enthusiasm that can only come from You. We cling to Your Promise that as we labor we will not faint for we walk in the power of Your Might. How we praise You that in our weakness Your Power is perfected within us. With thanksgiving, we pray…
(Inspired by Isaiah 40:20-31)

Search our hearts, O God, revealing our secret sins. Firmly convict us until we are fully repentant. Cleanse Your church and fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Test us. Refine us. Make us more like You.

Father God,
we cry out for Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy throughout the world… Peace that enjoys perfect confidence despite any and all dangerous circumstances… Hope based upon Your faithful and eternal Promises… Love that isn’t conditional upon fleeting emotions but rather a tenacious commitment to live for and serve others, Christ as our Example, loving even those who despise us… Joy that reflects a countenance that comes from a personal friendship with You... May these character imprints manifest themselves deep within Your children resulting in their bold advance against the enemy of all souls, moving others to seek these exquisite blessings as they place their trust in You.

Father God,
as we seek multitudes of seeds to sow for Your Kingdom and multitudes of opportunities in which to plant them into the hearts of those around us, we understand that many of these opportunities will not be pleasant. Keep us focused on the personal, physical, and spiritual needs of others, as well as the potential eternal blessings for both them and You that we may not be distracted. May all efforts bear a harvest one hundredfold multiplied by many hundreds, wholly motivated for Your honor and glory alone…

May the heavy chains of natural human religious experience break away  that we might walk in the natural supernatural, believing God and embracing all He desires to do both within us and through us. May we walk by faith, never by sight, a dynamic faith that causes mountains, especially those within human hearts, to crumble as dust, our pathways marked by miracles, signs, and wonders resulting in changed lives and our God passionately honored and adored.

Almighty God,
please draw vast multitudes into Your Holy Word. Open our eyes and hearts to recognize and understand Your Truth. May we be quick to cast away every false doctrine. Guide us to completely embrace and appropriately respond to Your perfect Plan for all nations.

As Mary,
we present ourselves as Your servants.
Let it be to us
according to Your Word,
Your Will for our lives…
(Inspired by Luke 1:38)

while desperate cries rise to Your Throne,
- Your church –
are guilty
of searching the skies
seeking to be raptured away
while so much work remains to be done.
Lord, please give us
a fresh passion and compassion for the lost.
O God,
we lay our hearts and lives upon Your Altar
and cry,
if our death by suffering and persecution
might bring just one more soul into Your glorious Kingdom
to the praise of Your holy Name,
give us the courage
to choose this pathway.
O God, please spend us
until Your Work and Your Will are complete –
until all who will
fully surrender their hearts to You,
for You desire and deserve the deepest love
and highest adoration
of all Your creation.
For Your glory and honor
may we live and breathe and pray…

Father God,
bring forth a multitude of men, women, and children of courage who refuse to compromise their integrity as they seek to direct vast multitudes to Your holiness and righteousness. Please stir the embers of our complacency. May the hearts of Your people begin to beat with such passion as to fan the flames of revival, and may these flames spread as an irrepressible wildfire into the North, South, East, and West, setting the entire world ablaze. May this sacrifice rise as a fragrant incense before You, moving Your Heart to dance with great delight.

Please multiply one hundredfold every seed that is sown and the fruit produced from all labors of everyone who lives to honor You that we may rapidly fulfill Your Great Commission as we live to make Your Name famous throughout all the earth.

Father God,
please move us, Your children, beyond our levels of personal comfort as we seek to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Move us into deeper revelations as we embrace and seek to live out Your holy Word. Move us to higher heights as we pursue Your Will and Your Presence in every aspect of our lives. Move us beyond the current boundaries of our experience in ministry as You equip us, direct our footsteps, and grant us the courage to advance boldly and swiftly in all that You desire us to accomplish for Your eternal Kingdom and Glory.

please open every door through which You desire Your servants to walk. May each step bring us closer to You and the fulfillment of Your Kingdom Plans. Blind us to every distraction that hinders us from doing that which You desire to establish both within us and through us during the course of this and every day. Move us to make the most of every opportunity You grant us to share Your Love with a lost and dying world.

Father God,
satan seeks to destroy all who stray near or beyond
the boundaries of Your protection.
Once trapped in his deadly snares, he will not politely release them.
Please do what it takes to mobilize Your people
to become serious about obedience to Your Call and Commands,
personal and corporate holiness,
and guiding those who have wandered away
back into Your Arms.
May we be diligent in faithful intercession and faith-filled action
to seek out all You have created to love and be loved by You.
May we be quick to recognize
the personal agonies of their hearts
and hear their desperate silent cries –
especially when they rise against us.
Help us to not be distracted by
harsh judgments, personal bitterness, and other emotions
that erect barriers to Your holy Love,
blinding us to opportunities to plant seeds of Eternal Hope.
The prayers we pray and ministry activities in which we participate
define present and future circumstances
and the eternal destinies of vast multitudes.
Father, may we be sensitive and serious
about every individual You place within our pathways.
May we be faithful to recognize the real enemy
- satan –
and rise faithfully to stand against him
that we might all walk in victory
under the Standard of Your Power and Love.
For Your honor alone, we pray…

Father Lord,
may our love grow and overflow toward each other and to all others, that our hearts may be found strong, blameless, and holy when we stand before You on The Day when our Lord Jesus returns. Help us to live in a way that fully pleases You, in all holiness and honor so that people who are not yet Christians will respect the manner in which we live and be drawn ever closer to You.
(Inspired by I Thessalonians 3)

Every life makes such a difference in the vast Eternal Scheme of things. I tremble to consider the possibilities… What if no one had ever found the advancement of Your Kingdom a cause worth dying for? What if those who impacted my life had maintained their silence, failing to share Your Gospel of Peace? What if they had chosen evil over God?
O Lord, I celebrate the unyielding fiery passions that down through ages past, have blazed the trail for me. Thank You for every answered prayer - for every petition granted and every prayer denied.
I praise You for Your awesome Love, the honor of Your holy Name, Your Faithfulness and Mercy, Your Truth that stands forever, Your Majesty and Glory, and for the opportunity to be Your servant, yet cherished as Your child.
Holy Father, I adore You!   

thank You for the encouragement we enjoy in belonging to You. Unite Your servants together in The Spirit. May we have tender and compassionate hearts. Move us to agree enthusiastically with one another, loving one another, and working together with one heart and one purpose to make Your Name famous throughout the earth. May we characterize the selflessness and humility of Christ, consistently regarding others as better than ourselves. May You be blessed and honored by our unity and love. We seek the attitude of Christ Jesus, taking the form of a servant, humbling ourselves, desiring to be obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.
We long to work diligently to hasten The Day when every knee in Heaven, on Earth, and under the Earth will bow in reverent wonder, confessing that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God our Father. Help us to do all things without complaining and arguing, that we may be perceived as blameless and harmless servants, and obedient, reverent children of The Living God.
We desire to be poured out as a drink offering in sacrifice and service for the faith of others and for the forceful advancement of Your Eternal Kingdom.
For Your glorious Honor alone, we pray…
(Inspired by Philippians 2:1-18)

Father God,
we pray for the equipping of all saints – that we all become faithfully diligent about pursuing Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding from Your Word. Strengthen us in the Power of Your Might that we may take up The Sword (Bible) and engage in the spiritual war that rages all around us. Grant us a supernatural hunger and thirst that can only be quenched in Your Presence. Please open the eyes of our understanding to witness both good and evil angelic forces that we might stand and fight a good fight and enjoy the spoils of victory – changed lives and the expansion of Your Kingdom. Please grant this prayer for the strengthening and expansion of Your armies of intercessors that we might complete Your purposes here on Earth, thus hastening The Day of Your glorious Coming.

​Lord, raise up a people throughout the earth who are dangerous in prayer.

Father God,
it’s Your Desire to unite the body of Christ under the Standard of Your holy Word. Please perfectly expose and cast down  every false, destructive, and divisive doctrine. Make us zealous to pursue Your Truth, Holiness, and Glory.
May the praises of our hearts and of our lips forcefully resonate throughout the highest heavens and deepest depths of all time and space.
Cause us to be serious about the global expansion of Your Kingdom within the hearts of all humanity.
Prepare the church, the bride of Christ, to meet her Bridegroom in a manner that will bring You the greatest honor and glory.

Father God,
please awaken the church for the days are evil and she’s fast asleep. Open our ears to the sound of Your Alarm, for the time of Your Return is very near. Yet so many of Your children do not have their lamps filled with oil… So many have buried their talents deep within the soil of busyness and idolatry… So many conceal their light under the bushel of our cultural passions and distractions… So many do not know The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit they hear and sing about on Sunday mornings. Father, Your Holy Word clearly states that many believers will say, “Lord, Lord, look what I’ve done in Your Name.” But Your response will be, “Depart from Me… for I never knew you.”
Oh God, we plead on their behalf. They do not know – they do not understand that they are called to have a dynamic personal relationship with You, The Lord of all Heaven and Earth. They perceive You as distant and removed from Your Creation. Please grant them deeper understanding of The Cross. Draw them into Your Word, Your Truth, Your Light. Please open the eyes of their understanding daily that the enemy might not claim victory over their souls. Guide them into The Ways of Your Heart, please Sir.
For the advancement of Truth and the knowledge of Your Holiness, we cry out from the deepest places of our innermost beings…